Samsung’s Latest Patent Reveals A Sliding Phone With Two Displays

This was first leaked by LetsGoDigital, and here it shows that Samsung might just be the next in line to give us a weird smartphone.

From the pictures it shows a smartphone with a sliding mechanism, that’s pretty normal. But what’s not normal is that this sliding phone will have dual screens.

And it doesn’t even end there. What makes it more weird is that these two screens are not gonna be positioned side by side like we’ve seen from other manufacturers, but they’re gonna be positioned up and down.

That is, one on the front of the phone, and the other one on the back. Now how much more wierd can things get?

It is reported that the main screen which will be the one on the front is gonna be a curved display, but no one knows if this is gonna be of the OLED or LCD type, but I’m betting on OLED since this is Samsung, and OLEDs are more flexible than LCD.

Samsung sliding phone

Then a second flat display at the back of the phone. As for cameras, we don’t really much, but what we know is that the rear facing camera will be tucked nicely behind the front display, so when you slide it up, it reveals the cameras.

While the front facing camera is reportedly hidden inside the same front display itself. Now at this juncture, i don’t know what use is for the back display, and no one knows if this phone is finally gonna make it to the production factory, and not to talk of even seeing the light of the day.

This is just a patent design and nothing to be taken too serious. So that’s it guys, give this article a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

Source: Android Authority.

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