Infinix Hot 10

Infinix Hot 10 Launched In Pakistan With Helio G70 SoC, 4GB RAM + 64GB Storage, and 5200mAh Battery.

Okay, so i know this will probably be the first time that you’re getting to know of this, but the thing is, there is an actual “Infinix Hot 10” smartphone lurking around on the horizon, and it is going to be upon us soon.

In fact, not just on the horizon, as we speak right now, this phone has already been launched in Pakistan since two days ago, and it is currently available for pre-order, at a price of Rs. 19,999 (Pakistan Rupees) for the base model which starts with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, and when I converted that to Nigerian Nairas, I got 45,638 NGN.

Now you might be wondering, why am i so interested in this particular phone? Because if you have read some of my phone review articles before now, you should know that i am someone who doesn’t support these smartphone companies, especially Infinix and Tecno, launching new smartphones every now and then, when even the current model of that said smartphone is not up to a year old.

And that is exactly what they’re doing on this one. I mean, the Infinix Hot 9 was launched during late March this year, it’s barely even up to 6 months old, and Infinix is already launching the Hot 10.

Am i upset by this move? Well, i will leave you to answer that question by yourself, and to do so, here’s the major specs of the coming Infinix Hot 10 smartphone.

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Infinix Hot 10 Specifications, Features, Price & Launch Date.

  • 6.78 Inches 720p(HD+) hole-punched IPS LCD display.
  • 16MP Quad rear camera setup.
  • 8MP front-facing lens.
  • Mediatek Helio G70 processor.
  • 4GB RAM + 64/128GB internal storage.
  • 6GB RAM + 128GB internal storage.
  • Android™ 10 + XOS 7 Dolphin UI.
  • 5200mAh battery.
  • Launch Date: N/A, but already launched in Pakistan.
  • Price: N/A.
Infinix Hot 10
Infinix Hot 10 smartphone. Courtesy, GSMArena.

With specs such as these, i mean, who wouldn’t one of this when it finally launches here in Nigeria? A Helio G70 processor inside an Infinix Hot device? This is crazy, i mean, this is the exact same processor that is found on the Infinix Note 7 and Note 7 Lite smartphones that cost over 60,000 – 75,000 NGN.

You can’t tell me otherwise, Infinix must have been smoking some really good stuff as of late, and whatever that is, trust me, i don’t want them to stop anytime soon, and i think i will like to have a taste of it too.

And it doesn’t even stop there. The base model of this phone will be packing a healthy 4GB of RAM and a 64, or 128GB of internal storage, then for those who want that extra squirt of speed, you can take it up a notch by going for the 6GB RAM version with same 128GB of internal storage.

Left to me and if you’d ask me, i will say that this is just overkill, and i like it because it shows that Infinix is truly waking up to the call, gone are the days when they keep re-using the same age-old processors, especially the Helio A series to keep launching every new Hot smartphone with 2GB of RAM.

This is different, and this is good. The Infinix Hot 9 is simply the same Hot 8 we got a few months ago, but now with a more powerful processor, better RAM and storage size, and a slightly bigger battery.

The only thing left for Infinix to do right now so that they’d be soaring on the same level with the likes of Xiaomi and Oppo is to first, clean up their proprietary XOS UI, so it looks more professional and appealing to the eyes, then secondly, let them start pushing new android version updates to their smartphones for at least two years of their life.

Is that too much to ask for?

If they can put these factors in check, and with the amount of fanbase Infinix have here in Africa alone, trust me, i don’t think the likes of Xiaomi will even stand a chance to compete with them here.

As for the pricing of the Hot 10 smartphone, like i said, this phone has only been launched in Pakistan and it’s currently on pre-order for Rs. 19,999 (Pakistan Rupees) for the base model, which simply converts to 45, 638 Nigerian Nairas.

I’m not saying that this will be the official price when it finally launches in Nigeria, but I’m pretty sure that it should be lingering around that price range, maybe just a few thousand nairas more.

And that is it for today fellas, the Infinix Hot 10 official specifications. Give this post a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading it, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out.

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