FzMovies Review – World’s Largest Free Movies Download and Streaming Website

What is FzMovies?

Simple, for those who don’t know, FzMovies (visit here) as it is popularly known, is to me, one of the world’s best and largest free movies download and streaming website.

They offer a wide range of movie titles in three main categories, namely; Hollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood (dubbed), from there, you can search for any of your favorite movies which you wish to download and watch.


And again for those who don’t know, FzMovies also offers a subsidiary website (FzTvseries) which is dedicated to downloading and streaming Tv series (seasonal movies) and shows for free.

But one problem about FzMovies, and one which a lot of folks has been complaining about, including myself is; they have a ton of ad placements littered all over their website, which makes it hard for one to download their favorite movies, especially when trying to do so on a mobile device.

The site interface itself is extremely user friendly, giving one a very easy and stress-free access when searching for whatever movies they want, but once the movie is found and you try to download it, it starts redirecting you to other web pages which contains ads.


So it only takes one who is patient enough to be able to successfully download movies from the site, because you’ll have to keep switching back and forth from the FzMovies site, to the ads websites.

And in that case, if the ads on the site bugs you a lot, you can try our next best recommended site “TFPDL“.

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But nevertheless, FzMovies still remains the best and most frequently updated website when it comes to movie downloads and streaming. I mean, there’s literally no movie title that you’ll be searching for today, that can’t be found there.

So next question is, how do we download our favorite movie titles from the FzMovies website? Simple.

How to search for, and download movies from FzMovies

  • Go to Fzmovies official website from here.
  • When in there, you can use the provided search bar to search for your favorite movie titles, or simply check the most recent ones that are listed below, and you can even sort them by latest uploaded, release date, alphabetically, genre, characters, producers, etc.
  • When you find a movie you wish to download, click on it, at this point, a new tab should be opened on your web browser, redirecting to a different website (ad).
  • Don’t close the new tab, but instead, leave it open and go back to the last tab from FzMovies and click on the movie title again, it should take you to the movie page now.
  • From there, you should see a download link, with the size of the movie file beside it. Click on it.
  • If it opens a new tab and redirects you to a different webpage, just repeat what we did in steps No. 3 and 4, that is, don’t close new the tab, just go back to the last tab and click on the download link again.
  • It should now take you to a new page where you will be given two options, first one is to stream the movie right there and then, and the second is to download the movie to your device.
  • If you chose to download the movie, a new page will be opened for you where you’ll be given different download link numbers. Select one from any of them, and the movie should begin downloading in a few seconds.

So guys, that’s all about FzMovies and how to download your favorite movie title from the site, and don’t forget that if the process still happens to appear too complex for you, due to the numerous ad redirects, you can check out TFPDL, they also have a large library of movies, only that FzMovies happens to be a lot popular that them.

And in case you’re wondering about some of the best movie titles that you can start with, here are our best recommended movie titles that you can download from the site.

Best movie titles to download and watch from FzMovies in 2020.

  • Do Little.
  • Black Widow (2020).
  • Onward.
  • Top Gun: Maverick.
  • Extraction.
  • The Call of the Wild.
  • The Time Machine 1978.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • The Outing.
  • Mulan.
  • No Time to Die.
  • Wonder Woman 1984.
  • Bloodshot.
  • Bad Boys for Life.
  • Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.
  • The Hotel New Hampshire.
  • Up from the Depths.
  • Mortal Kombat Legends – Scorpion’s Revenge.
  • We Summon the Darkness.
  • Sea Fever.
  • Gold Dust.
  • Dead by Dawn.
  • Four Kids and It.
  • Clover

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