Infinix Hot S5 Spec and features

Infinix Hot S5 Specs Leaks Earlier Than Expected. Features A New Hole Punch Camera Display + 48MP Main Lens

Barely six months after Infinix launched its iconic Hot S4 smartphone, and it seems they’re already pushing its successor, the Hot S5, earlier than we’re expecting.

Although left to me, I’ll say that I’m not surprised even a bit, because this was exactly what they did on the Hot 7 and 8 models.

So it wasn’t today that Infinix started trying to force us to dump our old smart phones for their newer models.

So according to some reliable sources such as GizmoChina and 91mobiles, we have some tangible information that we can rely on, when it comes to Infinix next best midrange phone, the Hot S5.

Infinix Hot S5 spec and features

The Display

In terms of display, for now we don’t have any information about the actual screen size, but since the recent Hot 8 shipped with a 6.56 Inches display, then i think the S5 should do same as well.

But aside display sizes, the Hot S5 is still gonna be stuck at a 720p resolution, which will be disappointing for many, including me.

I mean, it is high time the Hot S series starts shipping with at least Full HD (not Full HD+) resolution displays. Is that too much to ask from Infinix? f*ck..!!

But one exciting thing to take note of for the display is that it is shipping with a hole punch camera, instead of the water drop notch that we first saw on its predecessor.

Infinix Hot S5 Spec and features

Though not much of a big deal to me though, because most Samsung and Huawei phones already has it, but seeing it coming down to a phone such as Infinix, is sure gonna get a lot of people excited.


Then aside the display, it is also rumoured that the Infinix Hot S5 is going to come with a Quad lens camera setup.

Now i don’t know if the word “Quad Lens” also includes the 32MP front facing camera, or is it just for the rear cameras alone, but what i know is that the main lens for the rear cameras, is gonna be a 48MP one.

Processor, RAM, Software & Battery

Another disappointing spec of the Infinix Hot S5, is that it is gonna be shipping with the same Mediatek Helio P22 chip-set that we saw on the last year’s model.

I mean one of the significant changes that smartphone OEMs can ever make on a new device is changing its processor to a newer model.

Like seriously, i don’t for a life of me understand why Infinix likes reusing a single chipset for a thousand years, before changing it. This was exactly the same thing they did on the Infinix Hot 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. f*ck..!!

When it comes to RAM, it is rumored to ship with 4GB, i don’t know if there is going to be maybe a lower version or higher. But I’m betting my balls for the later. Maybe up to 6GB, just like they did on the Hot S4.

For Android version, you have the usual Android 9.0 Pie, so there’s nothing exciting here. But one thing that is sure gonna be exciting is;

Finally the Hot S5 will be shipping with the iconic 5000mAh power cell that we recently saw on the Hot 8 just a few weeks ago.

So that’s all we can say for now about the Infinix Hot S5 smartphone, we can’t say for now, as to when this smartphone will be hitting the shelves, but with the way Infinix are pushing out their devices these days, i wouldn’t be surprised if it goes on sale before this year ends.

So that’s it guys, let me know what y’all think in the comments section below, share this post if you enjoyed reading it, and subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t done so already, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow, #Peace Out


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  1. It’s better to have a RAM of 6G to beat others.

    • For me I’d say 6 and 8GB respectively. With maybe a 64GB and 128GB to go with them. Or what do you think?

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