Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro Comparison Review

Now placing the Huawei Mate 20 Pro closer to this year’s latest Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smart phone, and you’ll agree with me that these both phones quite have a lot of many things in common, for example, they make use of exactly the same triple rear camera setup, which is one lens for normal or wide angle shots, the second one for telephoto, and the last one for ultra wide angle shots. They also have very identical battery capacities, wireless and reversed wireless charging, and so much more. So today, we’ll be taking a very closer look at last year’s Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro, and this year’s Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smart phones, to see how they both match up to each other.. #Enjoy..

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro comparison review

And starting off with this comparison, let us talk about their designs.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro – Designs

Now the Mate 20 Pro is a stunning smart phone in terms of looks quite alright, like it has that sexy and seamless kind of feelings attached to it, and coupled with the box shaped triple cameras arrangement at the back and the absence of a rear mounted physical fingerprint reader, just makes it a beauty to behold. But the moment you place it close to the Galaxy S10 Plus, and it immediately starts looking outdated like it was a phone that was produced in the 90’s. And the only reason for that is because, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus just looks so much more better and beautiful too, thanks to the punch hole camera cutouts.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Although quite a handful of people out there still thinks it doesn’t make it any different from a traditional notch display, probably because of its size on the S10 Plus model, but personally, i still think this is one of the best looking smart phones I’ve ever seen.

And aside from the punch hole, everything on the Galaxy S10 Plus were kept simple and compact. Take a look at the triple cameras arrangement at the back, everything, including the flash and heart rate sensors were kept neat in a single horizontal form or box, or compartment or whatever. And the colors too are just too beautiful.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

And even with its large 6.4 Inch display and large battery, the phone doesn’t feel any larger or weightier. Though the Mate 20 Pro is narrower even with the same screen size, but that’s probably because of its more curvier screen sides than it is on the S10 Plus.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro curvier screen sides

But nevertheless, the S10 Plus still is “0.2mm” shorter, slimmer and weighs more lighter than the Mate 20 Pro and even last year’s Galaxy S9 Plus with its smaller 6.2 Inch display. And that is what i called “Keeping It Simple“. Here’s a screenshot of the Mate 20 Pro and the S10’s Plus side by side dimensions comparison from GSMArena’s chart.

So i bet the Galaxy S10+ takes this one. But why do i feel like it is still gonna beat the Mate 20 Pro in every other aspects, well that’s just my brain thinking, now let’s move on to some other things, like the displays.

2. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ Displays

Now coming to displays again, i will say these two phones still manages to have quite a handful of things in common. First is that they are both of the same sizes at “6.4 Inches“, even though a lot of people still thinks the Mate 20 Pro is 6.39 Inches, but i don’t care. Second is that, they both have curved sides, with the Mate 20’s being a little bit curvier.

Third thing they have in common is that they both make use of AMOLED panels for their display, though Samsung took its display game up a notch this time with their new “Dynamic AMOLED display“, making the Galaxy S10 models to be the first and only smart phones to support HDR10+ displays, at least for now.

Now forget about the big words and all, when it comes to day to day usage, there’s absolutely no difference between the both displays. They are both crisp, sharp, and you’ll definitely enjoy whatever you’re viewing on them, notwithstanding whichever one you’re making use of.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro - Display comparison

And the last thing they have in common in terms of their display is this; they are both on a race to make their displays stretch all the way from the top to the bottom, without compromising any component especially the cameras that used to stay at the top. So Huawei took the Apple’s approach by making use of a notch, and as for Samsung, let’s say well, they took the Samsung approach.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Notch display
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus hole punch display

So while the Mate 20 Pro is busy rocking a notch which still looks charming on it nevertheless, the S10 and S10 Plus came, and took its shine from it by making use of holes in the display. Now not only does punch holes look absolutely gorgeous and very futuristic, but they are absolutely little less intrusive than the notch, in fact, the more you get used to it, the more you’re not gonna notice it was even there all the while. So for displays once again, I’ll still give it to the S10 Plus this time.

Now let’s go into the biggest part of this comparison, “The Cameras..“..yay..😂😂😌

3. Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro – Cameras

Camera Comparison - Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Alright so when it comes to cameras, once again and as usual, there are still quite a handful of things in common. We’ve got three Lenses on both phones with same individual setups or functions on both phones, a normal wide angle lens, an ultra wide angle lens, and a telephoto lens. Now i don’t want to start writing out the individual camera specs right now, so I’m just gonna make use of this camera comparison chart from GSMArena once again.

Okay enough of the numbers, let’s talk about the real life camera performances on both phones, by making use of some sample shots.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro sample shots

Now both shots have nice amount of details, though the S10 Plus seems to have more. For colors, the S10+ has a more natural muted look going for it, while the Mate 20 Pro seems to be more aggressive, possibly overdoing the blue of the sky here, but again, the shot ended up looking a lot more dynamic. And then when we move indoors to artificial lighting, things seems to take a U-turn.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ takes a hit in details, while the Mate 20’s Pro was able to preserve sharpness better, though the colors looks a little bit washed out in comparison to the S10 Plus’s.

So this is the same scene of the buildings as earlier, but this time, they’re taken with the ultra wide angle lenses on both phones. The S10 Plus ultra wide camera seems to perform closer to its main camera, while on the Mate 20 Pro, it is a little bit different. We still get fine details on both shots though, but this time it seems the S10 Plus’s color are a little bit more saturated now.

Again this is the same scene of the cafeteria that we had earlier, but taken with the ultra wide lenses of both phones. Same case here as before, the S10 Plus is struggling with some optimal lighting conditions, while losing a lot of details in the process, but still retaining very decent colors. The Mate 20 Pro on the other hand is the opposite. It retains very good amount of details, but the colors look pretty washed out again. Now let’s take a look at the telephoto lenses of both phones.

Now these shots were taken with the 10X zoom on both phones to see how much detail is kept, while the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has more natural colors, compared to the Huawei’s Mate 20’s Pro superblue tone, the latter was able to keep more details and sharpness. Just take a look at the windows of the left building on the Mate 20’s Pro photo, the lines are crisper, rather than looking smudged.

Now coming to portrait shots, the S10 Plus is able to achieve a more natural blur and subject’s to background separation. While the Mate 20’s Pro blur seems to look more artificial, and also has this weird halo effect around the leafs of the plant, which means the subject is not cleanly separated from the background.

And lastly, selfies. And for this one, it’s looking to be in favor of the Mate 20’s Pro. While the S10 Plus produces more saturated tones, especially on the skin, we get more detail and better dynamic range on the Mate 20 Pro.

So for cameras, I’d say, in as much as the Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro is a photography beast, i still think the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus executed the triple camera setup better. But hold on to this little victory while you can Samsung, because guess what, the Huawei P30 series are just around the corner, and they might take everyone by surprise. Now let’s talk about hardware and performance.

4. Hardware & Performance

Now in terms of hardware and performance, you’re getting the best of two worlds. For the S10 Plus, depending on your region, you’re getting either Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 chip, or “Samsung’s Exynos 9820” processor, both are a 8nm and 7nm chips respectively.

It’s paired with “8GB of RAM and a 128GB or 512GB of storage“, and even at that, you can further take it up a notch and go gangster with the “12GB of RAM + 1TB Storage Limited Edition“, and you can as well expand storage up to an additional 512GB using a Micro-SD card.

While on the Mate 20 Pro, first is you’re getting Huawei’s yet best “Kirin 980 7nm chipset“, with “6 or 8GB of RAM“, and a “128GB of 256GB of Storage“, which can also be expanded for up to an additional 256GB via a nano memory card.

Now in comparing the two, well we can all see that the Galaxy S10 Plus definitely has the upper hand, because it offers a newer chipset, more RAM, and more storage options to choose from. And as for overall performance, both will perform extremely well, as their chipsets are one of the best in the market right now. Both can certainly handle AI and AR features, as well as very high graphics demanding games.

5. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro – Biometrics

First of all, the S10 Plus and the Mate 20 Pro both have in-display fingerprint readers that works in two distinct ways, but achieve the same results. So while the Mate 20 Pro is busy rocking an optical fingerprint reader which kind of works like a camera, simply taking an image of your fingerprint and comparing it to an already stored image, the S10 Plus took an entirely different approach by making use of an ultrasonic one.

So instead of just taking an image of your fingers, it uses high frequency sound waves to map out the depths of the ridges of your fingers in actual 3D, which makes it more secure than the optical ones, and can even function when your fingers are wet.

Both phones also a face unlocking feature, but in this case, the Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro takes the crown by making use of an actual 3D Face ID, while the Galaxy’s S10 Plus lingers behind with a 2D one. So Samsung takes the crown for under the display fingerprint reader, while Huawei takes the crown for face unlock, so i will say it’s a tie.

6. Software

Both phones are running on the latest Android 9.0 Pie version, but again with different flavours. The S10 Plus ships with Samsung’s new One UI which has proven to live up to its hype. It is simple, fast and puts the most important things at an arms reach.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro android versions comparison

While the Mate 20’s Pro comes preloaded with Huawei’s EMUI 9. Now for software, i’d say it all boils down to personal preference. But i’d still bet a lot of folks out there will choose Samsung’s One UI over Huawei’s EMUI.

7. Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Battery

Now when it comes to battery, trust me, you wouldn’t for a day get any disappointed by both phones. The Mate 20 Pro shipped with a 4200mAh battery and it lived up to its hype. While the Samsung ships with a slightly lesser 4100mAh, and it is already living up to its hype.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Huawei Mate 20 Pro battery comparison

Both phones supports fast wired charging, fast wireless charging and even reverse wireless charging. But the Mate 20 Pro takes the crown here because of its “40W charger” that can literally take it up from “0 to 70%” in just 30mins, and gets it filled up in just 1hr.


So to summarize everything we’ve been saying so far, both the S10 Plus and the Mate 20 Pro have great design and premium build, they both have triple rear cameras with different lenses, which makes them some of the best camera phones you can get right now. We also have fingerprint readers that are hidden under the display on both, and Android Pie taking care of software. They both have the best in class chipsets from their various manufacturers, but the S10 Plus offers more in terms of RAM and storage options. Battery wise, the two have very identical capacities, with the Mate 20 Pro offering more and a faster charging speed.

So which one are you going to pick if you were in a crossroad of choosing one between the both. Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and if you enjoyed reading this article, please give us a thumbs up by subscribing to our newsletter for free, so you wouldn’t miss out on any of our new articles. But in the meantime, keep sharing and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow.. #Peace Out


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