3 Quick Steps How To Enable Dark Mode On Any Android Q Enabled Smartphones

So finally android Q is here right? and as you’d expect, it came with a lot of features which are pretty cool, especially for those who own any of the Pixel smart phones, because those are the only smart phones that are eligible to run the new Android Q in its Beta form. Though Google didn’t officially make any announcement that it will be including the dark mode, or let’s say it already included the dark mode as one of the major new upgrades in android Q, and guess what, it might even end up not making it to the final version because Android Q is still in its Beta version as at the time of writing this article.

So even though dark mode is there, it isn’t included as one of the icons in the notifications shade, so a lot of people might not even know its been there the whole time. But there’s a way of getting around it, and that’s what we’re about to show you today.. And trust me, it is very very simple. So here it is..

How to enable dark mode on any android Q device


How to enable dark mode on any android Q enabled device

All you have to do is..

  1. First, pull down your notifications shade drawer as you would normally do.
  2. Now locate and tap on the Battery Saver icon among the group of icons
  3. Doing this will automatically enable a system wide dark mode on your device, like this..
Android Q new dark mode feature

So you see, instead of creating an individual icon for it like other OEMs normally do, Google decided to hide theirs in the battery saver icon. But we believe that as more subsequent updates begins to roll out, Google will do well to fix this issue, but that is only if the dark mode has come to stay, which we believe it has. So that is all today for enabling dark mode on your android Q device. Let us know what your most anticipated feature about Android Q is right there in the comments section below. And as well let us know if this tutorial worked for you if you’re using a Pixel device and has installed android Q on it. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, keep sharing our gospel, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow.. #Peace Out


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