Top 11 Best Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus & S10E

In case you’re just joining us, here are the 11 top best features of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 smart phones so far.

  1. World’s first Dynamic OLED display
  2. AI app predictions
  3. Fast Wireless Charging 2.0
  4. Wireless Powershare a.k.a Reverse Wireless Charging
  5. Ultrasonic Under Display Fingerprint Scanner
  6. Headphones Jack
  7. 12GB of RAM and 1TB of Storage
  8. Triple rear camera setup
  9. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 front protection
  10. 7nm and 8nm processors
  11. Very Large 4100mAh power battery

Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10E best features

What’s up guys, so after months of leaks and rumors, the Galaxy S10 devices are finally here, and for sure and as you’d already expected, they come with some of the class leading specs and features that you’re not gonna find on other similar and closely related devices, at least for now.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

So don’t y’all think it’d be pretty nice if we decide to take a look at some of the best features that makes the new Galaxy S10 smart phones what they are today? sounds pretty nice right? Alright here we go..

Top 11 Features Of Samsung Galaxy S10 Devices

1. First Dynamic OLED Display on a Smart Phone

Now it is true that for some time now, Samsung displays have proven to be the best in the market, and with these new Galaxy S10 devices, they have even taken that record up a notch once more.

Samsung Galaxy S10 best dynamic OLED display

Now Samsung has been known for making use of “SuperAMOLED” displays on all of their smart phones, but if you’d take some minutes of your time and go through the Galaxy S10 specs on, you’ll notice that those terms have been replaced with “Dynamic OLED” instead of the regular SuperAMOLED we’re used to seeing, making the Galaxy S10 the world’s first Dynamic OLED display smart phones, and also the first HDR10+ certified smart phones, which simply means better colour accuracy, peak brightness and contrast ratio.

Not only that, but the display also goes as far as reducing blue light by 42%, thereby reducing the damage that our smart phones do to our eyes. Honestly, the display on the S10 models look distinctly futuristic, and elegantly minimal at the same time.

2. AI App Predictions

Samsung has built an artificial intelligence into the S10, and you’re gonna love this new feature, because it’s gonna have a big impact on the smart phone’s overall user experience. It learns certain ways and patterns in which you make use of your phone over some time, and it adapts and adjust its behavior accordingly.

Samsung AI app prediction

For example, it will learn what apps you make use of at certain times of the day, and pre-load those apps in the phone’s background, so that they’ll load faster whenever you open them.. pretty cool feature right.

3. Fast Wireless Charging 2.0

The Galaxy S10 supports fast wireless charging 2.0, which means you can charge your device as quickly with a wireless charger, just the same way you will do with a wired charger. This might not really seem like a big feature or a big upgrade to a lot of folks out there, because why not, not quite a lot of people have come to appreciate and actually make use of wireless charging as their major source of charging their devices, but anyways, it’s a good thing that it’s still there.. Right?

4. Wireless Powershare (A.k.a Reverse Wireless Charging)

Now you remember the Reverse Wireless Charging thing that we saw on Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro smart phone last year right? Well it is making a come back on the this year’s recent Samsung Galaxy S10 devices, and this time, it is even better. Because, instead of the meagre 2.5W wireless charging speed that came with the Mate 20’s Pro, Samsung doubled the numbers and made theirs 9W.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Reverse Wireless Charging

So this means you can simply wirelessly charge other wireless charging capable devices at a faster rate, than you would do with the Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro.

5. Ultrasonic In-display Fingerprint Reader

Now for one thing, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a fingerprint scanner, but not just your random or regular fingerprint scanner this time that you’re all used to seeing at the back of every smart phone these days.

Instead, Samsung opted for the new and upcoming In-display fingerprint scanners, and for another thing, this is at the same time, not just the regular Optical In-display fingerprint scanner that is slowly becoming rampant on almost every new android smart phones these days. Instead they went for the Ultrasonic In-display 3D fingerprint scanner.

Samsung's Ultrasonic under the display fingerprint reader

And what this simply means is that, instead of the scanner to just take a photo of your fingertips and compare it to an already stored photo in its database just like all other optical fingerprint scanners would do, this one makes use of sound waves from your fingers to unlock the phone, which makes it more secured, and very hard to get fooled. Pretty cool feature right.?

UPDATE – A lot of fans where bashing Samsung and its new Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, complaining that it was way too slower than other In-display optical fingerprint scanners, but those claims were rendered useless a couple of days ago, as a video posted by Ice Universe on twitter shows the best way to use the Samsung’s Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner, by just placing the tip of your finger on it and removing it in split seconds, instead of just pressing and holding it down there. You can watch the video below.

The correct way to unlock the Galaxy S10 ultrasound! Please don’t press the screen, you just need to touch the screen gently, it will be unlocked soon, don’t press the screen! This will be slower. By the way, you can quickly unlock it without lighting the screen.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) February 26, 2019

Now if you think all these features we’ve been mentioning and discussing up there are pretty cool, now check out the next best feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10 below.

6. The Headphone Jack… Yay.. 😂😂🎧

Samsung's Galaxy S10 3.5mm headphones jack

Yes, finally the Samsung Galaxy S10 smart phones came with a 3.5mm headphone jack even after some rumors went viral that Samsung is finally ditching it, but it turned out those rumors were actually false. But for now we can’t tell if those rumors will still actually remain false on the next Galaxy Note device or the next Samsung Galaxy S flagships. But before then, let’s enjoy the moment.. Right?

7. Up To 12GB of RAM and 1TB of Storage

Now as you’d already know before now, the Galaxy S10 devices all come with a base storage of 128GB of storage for all models and 8GB of RAM for the S10 and S10 Plus devices, while the lower speced Galaxy S10E starts with a base RAM of 6GB.

But even with these much storage on a single phone, on the Galaxy S10 Plus, you can take those numbers up a notch by getting yourself the variant with 12GB of RAM and a freaking 1TB of storage. Now not only is this storage too much and might not even get filled up throughout the days, months and years that you’ll be making use of the phone, but Samsung still deemed it fit to include space for an expandable storage on all three models, of up to an additional 512GB of storage.. Now that’s what i call gangster.. Deal with it Apple.

8. Triple Camera Setup

Though the triple camera thing is not really that new as a lot of other smart phones out there have been making use of it for ages, Huawei for example. Even the Samsung in question has introduced it a couple of times on some of their Galaxy A smart phones, and there was even a time they had to make use of four cameras on one of their smart phones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 triple rear cameras

But this is the first time that we’re gonna be seeing a triple camera setup on a Samsung Galaxy S smart phone, and it just turned out to be the best so far. One is a normal wide angle lens, the second is a telephoto, and the last one is an Ultra wide angle lens that helps you fits in and capture more objects and people in a single frame. Though this particular setup too, is not new, Huawei and LG has been doing it for some time now with the LG V40 ThinQ and the Huawei Mate 20, but it just feels so good it finally made it to our own.

Now apart from just three lenses at the back, the camera app itself has quite a lot of features that will make photos appear the way you would want them to be, such as the new Bright Night feature, which as you’d already guessed, is similar to Google Pixels Night Shot feature, and it also has some AI scene optimizers going on in it as well, but we’ll be discussing more of that in our full review, so stay tuned and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter, in order to get notified of it when it drops..#Cheers.

9. Corning Gorilla Glass 6 Front Protection

Oh Yes.. the Galaxy S10 has the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection on it’s front, while the back stays put at 5. Corning says it’s almost twice as durable as the Gorilla Glass 5, making it idea for people like me, who doesn’t like putting screen protectors on their smart phones.

10. The Latest 7nm/8nm Processors

With the S10, you’re getting the new Snapdragon 855 7nm processor, or Samsung’s own Exynos 9820 8nm chip depending on your region. It features a completely different cluster architecture over its predecessor, which means the performance is significantly improved. Also this new processor consumes less battery, so probably the user experience is gonna be significantly better compared to last year’s devices.

11. Large Batteries @ 4100mAh

On the Galaxy S10 Plus device, you’re getting a pretty large 4100mAh power battery. Now not only is this battery large, but it is also larger than last year’s Galaxy Note 9 device with a 100mAh increase in capacity. Another intriguing thing about this battery is that, even with it being larger than what you’d get on a Note 9, the overall size and weight of the S10 Plus is still significantly lower and feels more compact than the Note 9 in question. Thanks to those significantly reduced top and bottom bezels. But as for the weight, i don’t know how they managed to pull that stunt.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9

So that is all for today guys, and as you’ve read, you’ll agree with me that the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices are pretty capable and solid devices, and they sure do lived up to their hypes. Honestly i can’t wait to get my hands on one of them, probably the S10 model with a single front facing camera, i just love how small and compact the phone appears even while still packing a 6.1 Inches display.

So let us know what you think about these phones in the comments section below, support us by subscribing to our newsletter for free, and as always, I’ll see you on the next one. #Peace


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