Unlock Your PC Using Your Android Phone’s Fingerprint Scanner In 6 Steps

 •  This is a very quick tutorial on how to remotely unlock your windows laptops or PC, by making use of the fingerprint sensor or reader on your android smart phones.. Pretty cool trick right? well then, let’s get right into it.

6 steps to unlock your PC using your android phone's fingerprint scanner

So first of all, here are the things or tools you’ll be needing, and which we will be probably be making use of for this trick.

  1. Your android smart phone with a fingerprint reader, with OS version of at least Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above
  2. Any windows computer
  3. And this fantastic app known as the “Remote Fingerprint Unlock” installed on both your smart phone and your PC

But before we go into the tutorial proper, don’t you think it’d be pretty nice if we take some time to discuss what this Remote Fingerprint Unlock app is all about?.. well then let’s do it.

Remote Fingerprint Unlock android app

Alright, so the Remote Fingerprint Unlock app, is an extremely simple and straightforward forward app that does exactly what the name says. It remotely unlocks your windows PC using your phone’s fingerprint reader. Now you will want to ask me how it does that right.? Well, simple and here’s how..

Steps To Remotely Unlock Your PC, By Making Use Of Your Phone’s Fingerprint Sensor

  1. First of all, you must have the app downloaded and installed on both your android smart phone and your windows PC. You can download it for both android and windows Here and Here respectively
  2. After you’ve downloaded and installed them successfully, now go ahead and open the app on both platforms
  3. Next step is to lock your windows PC by using the “Windows + L” keys combination or simply lock it from the start menu. The reason why we’re locking the PC is because this is the only place where the windows app on your PC can interact with the mobile app on your smart phone, and moreover something needs to be locked before it could be unlocked right?.. So that’s it.
  4. Next step is to go to the app in your android phone, go to the scan menu, pull it down to refresh, and you should see your windows PC there, select it and press “Save
  5. Now, go to the Accounts menu and tap “Add an account“, enter the Windows account that you want to unlock, scan your fingerprint and press “Add“.
  6. Next, its gonna ask you to confirm the session ID, so make sure the number matches the one shown on your computer’s screen
  7. Next, tap on the account name that you want to be unlocked when scanning your fingerprint.
    You’re now all set! Go to the Unlock menu and scan your fingerprint. You should now see your computer unlocked.

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