5 Best Protective and Stylish Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Plus)

Now that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series smart phones have finally been launched, and in no time, it will be getting into the hands of many users all over the world, you and i know that these phones are not just any kind of smart phones to be joked with or messed around with, because they are pretty expensive. Yes, cause with a starting price of over a thousand dollars, we can say that these phones will cost a kidney to afford.

Best Protective and Stylish Phone Cases For Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Plus)

Now because these phones are expensive, like i said up there, they needed not to be joked around and messed around with, because even the slightest damage to any part of these phones, especially the display, might cost you an even bigger fortune to get it repaired or replaced, depending on how severe the case may be. So these things needs to be taken very special care of, and needs some serious protecting from scratches, bumps and cracks, so that it keeps looking as mint as new, whenever you take it out of your pockets to show it off to your friends. And that is the reason why today, we’ll be showing our list of some of the best recommended protective and stylish phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. We’ll be doing another article very soon for the just Galaxy S10 and the S10E, so make sure you do subscribe to our free newsletter, so you’ll be notified when it drops. Anyways, for those who currently own the S10 Plus or who those who are planning to get it anytime soon, here are some of the best phone cases you might needing.. #Cheers..

1. Samsung’s Official LED View Cover Case

Samsung LED View Cover case

Alright guys, so kicking off our lineup, we have the LED View Cover case, which in this case is coming officially from Samsung. And because this is officially coming from Samsung, who as at the same time, are the makers of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smart phones in question, then you have no reason to doubt the stylish, premium and protective feel that comes along with this case.

The case might seem to add a little bulk to the phone both in terms of size and weight, but i don’t think this should really be a problem since the phone itself, is very slim compared to last year’s Galaxy S9, and light weight too.

The case feels incredibly premium, and the textured surface supports for extra grip, so it’d be pretty hard for it to slip from your hands.

It comes with a flip cover that has a card slot on the inside, in there you can save or keep your ATM cards, business cards, money and any other cards that you might have.

This case is ideal for those who are looking for something premium, simple but yet stylish, protects your phone to the fullest, and at the same time, doesn’t get in the way you make use of your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus everyday.

2. Rearth Ringke Fusion Clear Case

Rearth Ringke Fusion Clear case

Now if you’re someone who’s looking for a very good protective case, but at the same, doesn’t hide the beauty of your Galaxy S10 Plus, then this is definitely the ideal case for you, as its clear body cover let’s the beauty of the S10 shine through.

It is made of very thick rubberised plastic which doubles as great shock absorbers, so whenever your Galaxy S10 comes visiting the floor, you’d be pretty sure that no harm will come to it.

The front is not covered though, but it is slightly raised, so even when you place your phone with its display down on any surface, it wouldn’t get any much scratches. The uncovered front also allows you to use the Samsung Galaxy S10 with just one hand, instead of fiddling around with a flip cover.

This case is ideal for those people who just needs something to cover up their smart phones from the struggles and hazels of everyday activities. No extra design or finishes, it’s just simple and transparent, and as you know, it allows the Galaxy S10’s beauty to shine through.

3. Olixar Leather Mirror Case

Olixar Leather Mirror Case for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Well just the way we had it with Samsung’s Official case, this one is made out of leather, and it is coming from Olixar, one of the biggest phone cases manufacturers.

Now apart from it just covering up and protecting your phone 100%, this case also came with a little trick up its sleeve, which comes in form of a mirror.

Yes the Olixar Leather Mirror case has an actual mirror on the inside, not much of a mind blowing feature, but you never can tell when it might come in handy.

So if you’re one of those persons out there, that likes taking a mirror with you wherever you go, this i think this is just the best thing that ever have might happen to you.. enjoy.

4. Eiger North Dual Layer Protective Phone Case

Eiger North Dual Layer phone case for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Now forget about everything I’ve said up there concerning other cases, and focus all your attentions on this one. Now if you’re looking for something simple, stylish, premium, easy to make use of your phone with it, and doesn’t add any extra bulk or weight to smart phone, then this is definitely the one you should get.

Though it doesn’t have a flip cover, which is even the more reason why i like it, i just love the way everything about it is just so simple and plain. It fits into the phone perfectly that you might even forget its been there all the time. And lest i forget, the body of the case is also textured, allowing for extra grip.

5. Official Silicon Case From Samsung

Alright so for the last but not the least, we have the Official Silicon case from the masters of the smart phone itself, Samsung. Now because this is Silicon, it simply means it wraps around your phone like a condom, and doesn’t allow it to slip and fall to the ground when placed on a surface. And just the way it was with the last case we discussed, it doesn’t add any extra bulk at all to the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Okay guys, so that’s all we have today for the best phone cases so far for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smart phone, let us know what you think about these stylish phone cases in the comments section below, please show your support by sharing this article and subscribing to our free newsletter if you haven’t done so already, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow.. #Peace Out


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