10 Best Free New Android Apps (February 2019)

Here you will find a very well detailed, short, precise and comprehensive list of our top best free and new android apps for the month of February 2019..enjoy

Our Recommended Best Free Android Apps You Should Consider Checking Out In This Month of February 2019

  1. Dy/Dx
  2. Action Dash
  3. Amoleddit
  4. Skip Ads
  5. Remote Fingerprint Unlock
  6. Paletta
  7. Safari Central
  8. Moasure
  9. AR Plan 3D
  10. Ikea Place


Best free android apps for February 2019


1. dy/dx – HD Gradient Wallpapers

dy/dx best free android apps

So the first app in our list is the dy/dx. This app provides you HD gradient wallpapers in just one tap. You can choose and create or also customize gradient wallpapers for your phone. I must say that these wallpapers look extremely beautiful and colorful, and it as well gives you a different wallpaper anytime you click on random.


To be precise, you can create and customize over one million unique gradient wallpapers over your phone. There is also a timer option in the app that automatically changes the wallpaper every 24hrs.

The app is free by default on Google Play Store, but there is also a Pro version that gives you a quite a handful of many other customizations, such as, instead of using just two colors as gradient, you can add a multiple of colors of your choice and so on.


2. Action Dash

The next app we have in our list is the “Action Dash”. Action Dash takes on the Digital Wellbeing app which is available on the Pixel devices and some other Android Go devices.

Action Dash - best free new android apps

It offers a deeper experience, with enhanced insights and powerful customization. It shows you the mobile usage stat of each day, such as how much time you’ve spent on an app, the number of times you opened the app, and it also shows you the number of notifications you have received on an app.

You can as well change the date from the bottom to see the data of any previous day. The design or UI of the app is very to the Google’s Digital Wellbeing app, which makes it very simple and easy to make use of, there is also an option that lets you select whether to see just daily or hourly data.

Now in case you don’t know, the Action Dash app itself is from the same developers who made the Action Launcher, which is a Pixel based Launcher, and they have integrated this app with it. And as usual, the app is free by default on Play Store, but there is also a Pro version as well which gives you enhanced and deeper insights just on your fingertips.


3. Amoleddit

Next we have on our list is the Amoleddit, and as the name suggests, this is an app that was specifically built for AMOLED screen phones, but that doesn’t mean its not gonna work on non AMOLED screen devices, only that it looks much much better on devices with an AMOLED display.

So what does it do? simple, the app has a wonderful collection of wallpapers that were specially designed for Amoled screen phones. The wallpapers are beautiful, mostly with black backgrounds which is idea for saving battery. So if you’re using an AMOLED device out there, and you’ve been searching for the best wallpapers for your device, then i think this might be the best app for you.


4. Skip Ads

Alright so the next app we have on our list the Skip Ads. And as the name suggests, Skip ads automatically helps you to skip ads on YouTube immediately instead of waiting for 5secs.


5. Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Now if you’re looking for a more secure way to unlock your windows PC through your mobile phone, then this Remote Fingerprint Unlock is the app for you. And what does it do? Simple, it uses the fingerprint reader on your android smart phone to remotely unlock your computer.

Remote fingerprint unlock

Before now, we’ve already given our full In depth review of this app, including how it works and to set it up on both your mobile android device and your PC. So if you want to know more about this app, please follow this link.

6. Paletta – Smart Color Splash

Paletta is a pretty unique app that has some pretty unique tricks up its sleeves.. And what does it do? Simple, it allows you to load a photo into it, and when you do so, it takes out or the colors and splits it into seperate components (seperation), and then let’s you add back in the components or colors of your choice only.

So let’s say you can decide to remove all red in a photo, or have everything to be black or white, and all that.. Pretty cool app right?


7. Safari Central – Wildlife AR

You’re probably starting to hear more and more about augmented reality, people are starting to get convinced more and more that this is the future, and one of the best ways to experience it on android is with Safari Central.

Safari Central

It’s a simple application that gives you six different animals to pick from, and you can make them appear in your environment by introducing a trigger. The trigger is any object where the animals can stand on, such as a phone or anything else.

Safari Central


8. Moasure

Moasure, is a way that you can use your phone’s internal sensors to map out or measure the dimensions of a real life object.

Moasure android app

And how does it do it? Simple, all you have to do is place your phone on a surface, tap the measure button, and then move it to the end of that surface, and then it will complete the measurement.

It is still work in progress, but generally, i’d say it’s been pretty accurate so far. But we can take it up a notch, using the updated version of Google’s AR Core

9. AR Plan 3D

This is AR Plan 3D, which you can also use to pretty accurately measure real world objects, but also at the same time, while being able to visualize them in three dimensions.

AR Plan 3D best android app


AR Plan 3D best android app 2019

For example, you can calculate how big a room is, you can as well figure out how big a cupboard needs to be, or you can go as far as check if something you’re planning on buying will actually fit in the room. Pretty cool right?

10. Ikea Place

This is a pretty unique app that uses Google AR as well. it allows you to visualize furnitures from the store in your real environment. So you can get to know if a chair or cushion will actually fit in your room before you actually place an order for it.

Ikea Place best android app 2019


Ikea Place best android app 2019

Alright guys, so that’s pretty much all the new apps you should check out this month, tell us your thoughts in the comments section below, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up by subscribing to our newsletter if you haven’t done so, keep helping us to spread the good news by sharing this article, and as always, I’ll see you all tomorrow.. #Peace Out


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