5 Steps To Update Your Infinix Smart 2 To Android 9.0 Pie Latest Update

  •   As promised by Infinix Mobility, The Infinix Smart 2 phones are currently being updated and now enjoying the love that Android 9.0 Pie Update brings along with it.. But this love, is only limited to the Smart 2 users in India.. find out why..

Infinix Smart 2 Android 9.0 Pie Update

So sometime ago in mid August this year, Infinix Mobility launched the Infinix Smart 2 phone with Android 8.0 Oreo and XOS 3.3 Hummingbird OS out of the box. Then fast forward to late November in this same year, Infinix made an official announcement on its Facebook page that the Smart 2 phone will be receiving its Official Android 9 Pie update very soon, precisely to be on the 25th of December 2018. Well the thing right now is, i will like to say that there is a good side and a bad side concerning this particular update.

First is, yes Infinix kept to their promise, and they have officially released Android 9 Pie Update for the Infinix Smart 2 phone. But this update for now, can’t get to you right now except you’re staying at anywhere around India, because Infinix has only made it available for the Infinix Smart 2 users in India, this does not mean it is not coming to everyone else around the world.. No that’s not what we meant, all we are saying is, it might take a little bit longer time before it can get to you, maybe in a week’s time or two.. who knows.. But i will advice you to still give a try, who knows, luck might just be on your side.. So for those of us who are eligible for the update for now and maybe for those who still wants to give it a try, then follow these steps below to update your Infinix Smart 2 phone to its latest Android 9 Pie version..enjoy

How To Update Your Infinix Smart 2 Phone To Its Latest Android 9 Pie Version

Alright so to update your Infinix Smart 2 phone to its Android 9 Pie latest update, here are the steps you should follow..

  1. Okay as usual, pick up your Infinix Smart 2 phone and navigate your way to its Main Settings Menu
  2. While in there, navigate to “About Phone” and locate “Software Update“.
  3. When you’ve found it, click on it and refresh the page
  4. Once refreshed and you’re eligible for the update (that means you stay in India) you should see the new Android 9.0 Pie update starring at you right there and waiting to be downloaded into your phone..
  5. Click on “Download and Install” and allow the system to do its thing..

Now i should have said this before, even before listing out the steps to update your.. there are a few very important things you should take note of before attempting to update your phone, feeling less concerned about these things might end you up with a non functional Infinix Smart 2.

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Some Very Important Things To Take Note Of Before Updating Your Infinix Smart 2 Phone To Android 9.0 Pie

  1. Make sure your phone is not rooted, as downloading and installing the update on rooted android devices may and will cause your not to boot up ever again..
  2. If for any reason your phone is rooted as in the case of No.1 above, please unroot completely and correctly.
  3. Make sure your device is fully charged or at least you have an 80% battery left on it.. If not, Oyo is your case, or make sure it is plugged to a reliable power source while updating it.

Alright people, so far so good, that is it for the steps to update your Infinix Smart 2 phone to its latest Android 9.0 Pie update, for those who are eligible for it right now, i will say rejoice and enjoy, while for those who are not eligible for now, i will say just give it a little bit more time, it must surely come to you.. But in the meantime, let us know your thoughts in the comments box below, and i will see you on the next one..


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  1. Hey Emmanuel, I am interested in updating my infinix smart 2 but, I am worried it might get damaged. I bought it newly a few days ago so, is it necessary to check if its rooted? And if yes, how do I check? ThankS

  2. Well since you said you bought it new, which means you were the one who took it out of the box the first time by yourself, then i'm pretty sure it is not rooted.. Because no manufacturer will root their smart phones before selling it..

    But if for any reason you're still in doubt. Kindly follow this link to download Kingroot tool. . It is an android rooting application that lets you know first if your smart phone is rooted or not, before proceeding to root.

    Please let me know if it worked for you… #Cheers..

  3. How to download pie rom for smart 2

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