The New Samsung Galaxy A9(2018) Review – 5 Facts You Should Know About The Four Camera Samsung Galaxy Phone

Okay so Samsung launched a new phone, and called it the Galaxy A9(2018).. Now there is just one thing you should know about this phone.. Yes just one single thing, and that thing is; it has cameras.. But this time, not just any camera, but many cameras, yes i said that, it has very plenty cameras especially on the back..

Samsung Galaxy A9(2018) Review.

Now count this.. Starting from the very one at the top is an 8MP Ultra Wide Camera Lens with an F2.4 Aperture, the second one following it immediately below is 10MP Telephoto Lens with 2X Optical Zoom and same F2.4 Aperture as the one above, the third one below the first two is the main camera lens with 24MP and an F1.7 Aperture, and then comes another 5MP lens, labeled as the depth camera, and with an F2.2 Aperture with Live Focus..

Samsung Galaxy A9 camera specs and breakdown.

Then on the front is a massive 24MP front facing snapper with F2.0 Aperture.. now that’s all what the new Samsung Galaxy A9(2018) is all about..

Samsung Galaxy A9.

Okay that’s just a quick description of the smart phone above, now let’s go ahead to say more things about it by looking at it in depth.

So in an era where almost every smart phone manufacturer out there are beginning to catch the drift about the need to include multiple cameras into their smart phones, especially just three cameras in this case, Samsung whom everyone and everybody out there considers the king of all android smart phones, decided to do something very very unusual.. So instead of following the band wagon to include just three rear cameras into their next smart phone, they said no, and they went for four.. something that no one, i repeat, no one has ever thought about doing in the smart phone industry, not even the almighty Huawei which first introduced three rear cameras into their smart phones with the Huawei P20 Pro.

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But before we get you bored with all the histories of how these multiple cameras journey started, don’t you think it’d be nice if we took some time to first discuss some other aspects of the phone, like the…

1. The Design

Okay so in terms of the design of this device, well it is a nice thing it follows the traditional Samsung signature design for some years now, you know, bring a piece of motherboard and some internals, and slap two pieces of Gorilla glasses on it, one at the back and one on the front, print a Samsung logo on it, and everybody becomes happy and business continues too…

Galaxy A9 body and design.

So that is another thing the new Galaxy A9 is all about too, the body is made of glass but we can’t really tell what level of protection it has, but it still doesn’t dispute the fact that this phone looks beautiful.. You know, it is not as curvy, sexy and rounded like its upper siblings like the Galaxy S9 and S9+, but it will give you a more better grip.

Galaxy A9

Galaxy A9.

The four cameras sit comfortably in a vertical position at the left side of the device when you turn it to the back, a pretty large fingerprint reader is also at the center of the device, and at the bottom there you will find a 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB Type-C charging port, a small hole for the earphone and some speaker grills.

Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung Galaxy A9.

Turning the phone to its front reveals a massive 6.3 Inch Full HD+ SuperAMOLED Display without any disturbing notch, but very slim bezels up and down, and at the top of it is sitting comfortably a 24MP Lens and a proximity sensor.

Samsung Galaxy A9.

So in conclusion for the design, I will say i like how Samsung kept everything simple on this phone, they just tried to make it just a plain simple everyday phone for a normal guy like me.. LOL.. Okay now that’s enough for the designs, now let’s talk about something else like the…

2. Processor, RAM and Storage

So in terms of the processor or chipset this phone came with, i wouldn’t say it is the faster phone in the world right now, afterall it wasn’t even labeled as a flagship device, and neither would i say it is the worst phone you can buy right now with the worst processor… No, instead i will just say, a Snapdragon 660 Processor, coupled with either an 8GB or RAMs or a 6GB of RAMs, with a 128GB of inbuilt storage which can be expanded using a Micro-SD card for up to an additional 512GB, boy, this phone is nothing short of a power house.. Like to be honest, this phone is packing a whole lot of strength.. It might not be as quick and snappy as a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 if you ever used one before, but you wouldn’t even notice it if it were lagging at all..

Samsung Galaxy A9 vs The Note 9.

So all i’m saying is, if performance, strength and storage is one thing that should make you to want to purchase this phone, then you shouldn’t even hesitate at all.. You are being covered here, 100%..

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3. The Battery And Price

You see, sometimes there are some spec sheets i read about phones like this one, and i keep wondering, did Samsung not think about this before producing the Galaxy S9 and S9+, or are they just doing this just to diss the Galaxy S series owners…?

So while the Galaxy S9+ is busy rocking a 3500mAh Power Battery, i don’t just know why i’ve been comparing this phone too often to the Galaxy S9+.. But the thing is, while the Galaxy S9+ is busy rocking a 3500mAh Power Battery, the Samsung Galaxy A9(2018) came out, and is rocking something closer to what we have on the Galaxy Note 9.. a 3800mAh Power Battery, yes i know that might not really make a difference in terms of numbers to what we have on the S9+ already, but more is always better.. So take it or leave it, the Samsung Galaxy A9, has a larger battery than the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

And in terms of price, well the cost for this beauty is not official yet, but we saw something that looked like a 600EUR on GSMArena dot com, which is approximately equal to a 698 In Dollars. So what do you think, if you convert these figures to your country home currency, does this device still looks beautiful to you in the eyes, or has the price taken its shine away from it… So just as the way we’ve always been doing it, let us know what y’all think in the comments section below, and i will see you on the next one.. #Bye..


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  1. i wasn't the Samsung lover, but from the day my little brother is using the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 i am now impressed with its quality and high-end features. Samsung is really creating some new quality mobile phones and now i am also going to buy this set.

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