UPDATE – Infinix Zero 6 Launch Date Might Just Be Around The Corner

The Infinix Zero 6, which has been much anticipated for and is expected to be the Company’s flagship phone for 2018/2019, might just want to take everyone by surprise, and launch very sooner than everyone might have expected..


Now we don’t have any credible proofs as to why we are so sure about this, but the reason why we are saying this is because, first is that we’ve known Infinix Mobility as a company to launch its Zero series phones during the months of November every year, and recently on twitter, the said company has been stylishly teasing the coming of a new device very soon with the hash tag #SeeEverything..

Infinix Zero 6 launch date, specs, features and price

Now you can see that no actual date or period was given for the launch of this said device, all they said was very soon, and from my calculations so far, very soon might mean in early November because the said November is not so far away..


So like i said earlier on, we are not so sure of this news if the device is even going to be the said Zero 6 or not, but let’s just keep our fingers crossed, and hope for the better.. And in the meantime, here are some Specs & Features that you should be very excited about in the new device, and here are also some leaked photos of the Infinix Zero 6 smart phone featuring an all glass body design..

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