How To Transfer iPhone Whatsapp Backup To Android Using Wazzap Migrator

It is so unfortunate that even at this time, apple iOS and Android platforms have not been able to settle this their long dispute of not being able to share data and files amongst themselves. If you know what i mean.

How to transfer iphone whatsapp backup to android phone

And one very important aspect where this dispute is significant is on the whatsApp instant messaging app. Cause you know why? wait let me tell you why.

Say you using an android smart phone before, then for one reason or the other, you decided to get yourself an iPhone, and as usual, you wanted all your WhatsApp chats backup, media files and whatever to be restored back on your new iPhone, and then you find out that it isn’t possible. Now why does such things happen? Such tragedic things happen because; when it comes to cloud storage services like this in the case of backing up whatsapp data, iPhones back up their data using iCloud services, while android Back up theirs to Google Drive. So you see, there’s no way you can restore back data that was backed up using Google Drive to iCloud, likewise can you not do the same for data that was backed up using iCloud.

But wait, before you leave, i want to tell you that i found a solution. And how did i manage to find this solution, and why should you trust it?

So as usual, i was strolling past Google Play Store some few days ago, and all of a sudden, i stumbled, tripped and fell on this great app, it looked good to me, so i decided to give it a try. I downloaded it on my android smart phone, did a quick test run with it, and it appeared to be even cooler than i actually thought.

So the app’s name is WazzapMigrator, and what does it do? simple. It let’s you restore all your WhatsApp data, including chats, and media files, all the way from your old or former iPhone, down to your new android smart phone… And all these processes takes place in nothing less than just 10mins. Cool right..

And how does it manage to achieve this? it uses a special file that must have already been generated by an earlier iTunes backup. The file’s name is ChatStorage.sqlite, and this file can be extracted from your iTunes backup, using an iTunes extractor like iBackup Viewer on your Windows or Mac PC.

After the file has been extracted, simply copy it from your PC, and paste it to your android smart phone in an already and automatically created WazzapMigrator folder..

From there, just open the WazzapMigrator app, and let it do its thing… See, as simple as it sounds. But in case you need to see a more detailed and step by step version of everything i just said right now with videos to go with them, then see the link below.

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But there’s a little bit of a problem, and what is it? There is a price to pay. You don’t expect good stuffs like this to always come at a platter of gold. And that simply translate to the app is currently for sale on Google Play Store. So for those who wants to get good value for their money, you can download it below…

Download wazzapmigrator app from google play store

And lastly, for those who are migrating from Windows Mobile OS to Android, there is also a version available for y’all, which you can as well download below.

Download winWazzaMigrator for windows phone backups

So guys, that is pretty much we have to say today on porting your WhatsApp from an iPhone smart phone to an Android smart phone. Tell us if you encountered any problems in the comments box below. And don’t forget to keep sharing our gospel, and Subscribe to our newsletter if you’ve not done so.


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