The New Xiaomi POCO F1 Phone Review – A Real Flagship Killer

With the new POCO F1 phone, Xiaomi once again is proving to the Indians and to the world at large that it shouldn’t and doesn’t require much cost to purchase and own a decent smart phone with very decent specs. And this time, they have really taken it to the extreme by using top high end flagship specs and hardware, and delivering premium speed and performance, but at a price that cost nothing less than a normal midrange everyday smart phone. So join us today, and let’s see what makes the new Xiaomi POCO F1 phone a flagship phone that is simply hiding in a midrange’s phone shadow.

The Xiaomi POCO F1 Full Review

So at a time when the best smart phones with the best specs, are selling for nothing lower than a thousand bucks, and some of them even more than, Xiaomi thought and knew it was its best opportunity to shoot its shot once again, of which i am pretty sure that this time, it is gonna work for it just as the others have always done. So this is what they did, they went back to their chambers, rubbed minds together and came up with the idea to invent a phone, that is gonna be carrying all those kind of specs you only get to see on top flagship devices, and then after doing that, they gave it a price that might make you want to say “You are a liar mehn” when you first get to know or hear of it.. And that was how they were able to come up with the new Xiaomi POCO F1 Phone.

The Xiaomi POCO F1

So speaking of specs and hardware, you can say that again that Xiaomi always got your back at a time when you needed them the most. So we’ve got a top of the line performing Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chipset running in this thing, you get to choose between either an 8GB(s) of RAM and a 256GB of internal storage, or a 6GB(s) of RAM, and a 128 or 64GB of internal storage.

For one thing, the phone doesn’t look all that flagship-like with glass bodies or anything close to that, because it wasn’t even marketed as one before. So you’ve got to make do with a polycarbonate(plastic) body that houses a large 6.18 Inch IPS LCD Screen, With A Full HD+ Resolution that counts up to 1080 × 2248 in numbers.

The Xiaomi POCO F1 Back

The Xiaomi POCO F1 Front

The phone is Android 8.1 Oreo ready out of the box, with Xiaomi’s MIUI 9.6 Version on it, and promises to give us Android 9.0 Pie update in the coming months. And as for the cameras, well as usual we’ve got a duo. Two lenses at the back, and one big lens on the front. A 12MP + 5MP shooter sits comfortably at the back, while a 20MP Shooter is at the front. And don’t forget about its Facial Recognition System too, yes this phone actually came with one, and even a fingerprint reader too.

12MP + 5MP Rear Cameras + Fingerprint Reader On The Xiaomi POCO F1

20MP Front Facing Camera + Face Recognition On The Xiaomi POCO F1

Now to keep all these things mentioned above alive and running for as long as you’d like, the Xiaomi POCO phone ships with a chunky 4000mAh Power Battery, that takes a long time to go from 100 to 0%, but a lesser time to move back from 0 to a 100%, all thanks to its Qualcomm QuickCharge V3.0.

And then finally, the PRICE. Now if you’ve not heard of or seen or even read any review about this phone anywhere before, this is that part that you’re gonna think this whole thing is a scam. The POCO phone ships in three different models which i already made mention of before. The 6GB RAM + 64GB Internal Storage version costs just a fraction of $300, while the second highest version with same 6GB(s) of RAM and a 128GB of Internal storage costs $45 more than the first one which amounts to a $345 price tag, while the highest of them all with 8GB(s) of RAM and a 256GB of internal storage, goes home with you at a price tag of $415. A very meaningful bargain if you’d ask me, none of these phones prices even comes close to what devices like the OnePlus 6 are being priced for, but we can comfortably bring out the POCO Phone in a OnePlus 6 party.

So that is it guys, that is all you needed to know about the new Xiaomi POCO Phone, so right now it is your turn to let us know what you think of the smart phone in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share this article and subscribe to our newsletter for free if you’ve not done so..


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