Xiaomi Black Shark Vs ZTE Nubia Red Magic Vs The Razer Phone

You know what they say that when two elephants battle, the forest suffers, well today we’re not just talking about two elephants. Today, we are gonna be watching three big elephants battle themselves to death, and you know what happens when three big elephants battle? Well we’ll leave that question to be answered on another day.

So what we’re gonna be doing today is pretty simple, but fun. And what is it? Today we’re gonna be bringing Head-To-Head the three best touted android gaming smart phones of all time, and we are talking about none other but the Almighty Razer Phone, The Ever Living Nubia Red Magic, and then last is the All New and Powerful Xiaomi Black Shark (be careful, this thing is gonna bite you). to see how they can pair against each other when summoned to do what they know how to do best.. Which is Gaming.

Best Android Gaming Phones Of 2018

So today we are gonna be looking at the strengths and weaknesses of these phones (gaming machines), we are gonna be looking at what makes each of them different from the other, and why you should choose one over the other. So if you are not too busy, join me right now and let’s see what these phones bring to the dinning table, and what they are capable of, and not capable of. So the first on our list is the..

1. The Razer Phone

So in case you don’t know, the Razer phone is the first of its kind to launch with such amazing high end and high performance specs and hardware that could pass for a handheld portable gaming laptop.

Bes Android Gaming Phones - The Razer Phone

Now among the numerous top flagship specs that are contained in this device  like the Snapdragon 835 Processor, 8GBs of RAM and a very big, long and lasting 4000mAh power battery, there is one particular spec or feature that made the Razer Phone what it is today, and that is its 120Hz refresh rate screen. Now i can’t start explaining what 120Hz stands for or what refresh rate means, that will be deviating from this current topic. So if you wish to know all about Phones Screens and why a higher refresh rate is good for gaming, then follow this link. But all i can tell you right now is that, with a screen refresh rate of that amount, you will get a buttery smooth gaming performance with no frame drops or lags or whatever. Then coupled with its Snapdragon 835 processor that i already mentioned and its 8GBs of RAM, i bet you can never go wrong with this phone. And then that’s not all. To even make things sweeter and gaming more cinematic and true to life like you are playing it on a dedicated console, this little smart phone you are seeing here comes heavily equipped with dual stereo front facing speakers, and dual amplifiers powered by the legendary sound mechanic “Dolby Atmos, so you should know what sort of gaming experience you will be getting with this device..

Best Android Phones Of 2018 - The Razer Phone

And to keep things running for so long both under and outside the hood is the already mentioned big 4000mAh power battery which Marques Brownley from MKBHD stated as “The Longest Battery Life Award“. So other generic but yet amazing specs of the Razer Phone includes;

1. A 5.7 Inch Quad HD IPS LCD display that doesn’t ship with now popular 18:9 aspect ratio, but shipped with the now ageing 16:9 aspect ratio, but that doesn’t disrupt you from the intense and unmatched gaming experience you’d get with this device as already discussed above.

2. Second is a dual 12MP +12MP cameras setup at the back which i believe should take very good and amazing shots, and at the front is a smaller but yet still amazing 8MP shooter. See i told you, you just can’t go wrong with this device.

Best Android Gaming Phones Of 2018 - The Razer Phone

3. And then lastly is that it ships with meager 64GB of inbuilt storage. Yes i called it meager, because for a gaming smart phone, at least this thing should have shipped with nothing less than a 128GB of inbuilt storage. But the good news is that, you can expand this storage for as large as you like up to 400GBs using a microSD Card.

So in case you need of this beastly device, yea who doesn’t need one of such good stuff? The Razer phone costs $699.99 dollars on Amazon, and costs 319,000 Naira On Jumia.Ng… So make sure you are buying one for me when you’re getting yours too. And that brings us to the second phone on our list..

2. The ZTE Nubia Red Magic

So the next smart phone on our list today is the ZTE Nubia Red Magic, and unlike the Razer phone that just came out from nowhere without prior notice, ZTE is an already well known smart phone manufacturing company that has been known to producing very good phones, and this time, they just decided to test the waters of gaming with the New ZTE Nubia Red Magic gaming smart phone.

Best Android Gaming Phones Of 2018 - ZTE Nubia Red Magic

So in case you don’t know, unlike the Razer Phone discussed above, the ZTE Nubia Red Magic is a 2018 smart phone, but launched with last year’s Snapdragon 835 processor, the brand claims that it was the best available chip that could sustain performance without throttling – (androidAuthority).

But that doesn’t mean that this phone does not pack the power to deliver the kind of punch that it needs to deliver. On the specs side of things, i will say this device has a lot of shortcomings, probably on paper. Things like the Snapdragon 835 processor already mentioned above, you either get a 128GB of inbuilt storage with 8GBs of RAM, or a 64GB variant with 6GBs of RAM, all of which are not expandable, which means that you are stuck with what you are being offered. Then on the battery side of things, you also get a smaller 3800mAh compared to the massively large 4000mAh found on the Razer Phone.

ZTE Nubia Red Magic

Then on the screen side of things, you have a 6.0 inch Full HD+ (Not Quad HD) IPS LCD display, of which we don’t know if it has the same ground breaking 120Hz refresh rate of the Razer phone, but i guessing not. And then for cameras is a single 24MP back shooter with an F1.7 aperture, and an 8MP front facing shooter. And that is pretty much all we can say about the ZTE Nubia Red Magic, no paparazzis, no nothing, the phone is just there.. And then coming to the last one, we have…

3. The Xiaomi Black Shark

Now if you are looking for something to call a perfect handheld dedicated gaming console, then the Xiaomi Black Shark is the best phone for you.

Best Android Gaming Phones Of 2018 - The Xiaomi Black Shark

So we’ve saved the best for the last which is the all new and powerful Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Smart Phone, shipped a couple of months back, and comes with a lot of interesting and spectacular features that makes the device the dream of every hardcore mobile gaming fan.

Starting with the best feature first is its dedicated one sided gaming pad that gives you more responsive, flexible and easy controls of characters on the screen.

Xiaomi Black Shark One Sided Dedicated Gaming Pad

Second is its dedicated high performance gaming mode called “The Shark Space“, and what this does is that it focuses all of the phones hardware such as processor and RAM to gaming when activated. And secondly, it avoids incoming notifications from showing up on the screen while gaming to avoid any disturbances.. Cool right.

And then thirdly, to really proved that this smart phone was created for nothing else but gaming, it comes pre-installed with some really cool high graphics demanding games like the Legendary PUBG Mobile (Player Unknowns Battleground)

Best Android Games For 2018 - PUBG Mobile

Best Android Games For 2018 - PUBG Mobile

Best Android Games For 2018 - PUBG Mobile

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Then coming down to the generic but still mind blowing specs are stuffs like the presence of a very powerful Snapdragon 845 processor, and then one downside, just like with the ZTE Nubia Red Magic, you either getting a 128GB with 8GB of RAM, or the more generic 64GB inbuilt storage with 6GB of RAM, which are still not expandable. But what this phone couldn’t make up in storage, it made it up in battery as it ships with an extremely large and long lasting 4000mAh power battery too as found on the Razer Phone, but i feel this phone will beat the Razer Phone if put to test, because of the high power management and efficient Snapdragon 845 Processor in it as opposed to the 835 found on the Razer Phone.

Other things include a 5.99 inch Full HD+ IPS LCD display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, and finally a dual 12MP + 20MP back cameras with a very big F1.8 aperture for each, and then at the front is another massive 20MP front facing shooter with F2.2 aperture.

And on the money side of things, the Xiaomi Black Shark currently costs between $629 – $720 on eBay.

So folks, that is pretty much our little but indepth comparison of the three best gaming android smart phones that you can literally and practically lay your hands on right now. Tell us which device you liked best in the comments section below and tell us why you liked it.

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