Glo Wants To Take You To Russia For Free, With The New Glo Go Russia Promo

Glo, the grandmasters of data, have always had and maintained this pretty long tradition of organizing promos, shows and events for all its customers both in Nigeria and other neighbouring countries as well. Things like the Glo Laughter Fest, the Glo Campus Music Tour, and others. And this one is no different, save for it being one of the biggest Glo Promos we’ve ever had. And what is it all about?

Now Glo in their good spirit and church mind, wants to take 22 lucky subscribers to an all expense paid trip to Russia.. yea you heard that right.. Russia. But wait, don’t rush yet.

Win a trip to Russia with Glo Go Russia Promo

Now how will these 22 persons be selected

These 22 persons will be selected through a Raffle Draw session, so if you are lucky, you might just be the first person to be picked at random.. who knows.
But wait again, that’s not all.

Now how do you get to be a part of this wonderful Russia trip opportunity

First of all, for those who are interested, by using your phone with a Glo sim card in it, send GO” to 240 as text message. Then after that, just like it is done on the Glo Laughter Fest, make sure you use up to N3,000 on voice calls only, or use a minimum of N5,000 on voice calls and data to qualify for the draw. The more money you use, the more your chances of getting picked during the raffle draw session. The promo session runs from 16th Of May 2018, to 8th Of July 2018

How to Qualify and be a part of the new Glo Go Russia promo

PLEASE NOTE – That all winners will be contacted individually through a voice call from Glo customer care themselves. So beware of scam.

How To Go To Russia With Glo With Just N3000 In Listed Form

  1. Send GO to 240 as text message
  2. Use Up to N3,000 on voice calls, or N5,000 on voice calls and data
  3. Winners will be selected at random through a raffle draw session
  4. The more money you use, the more your chances if being selected at the raffle draw
  5. All winners will be contacted individually through voice calls by a Glo Customer Care Representative… Cheers..🥂 and see you in Russia

So that’s it guys, start recharging, making calls, subscribe for data, and make sure you are a part of this Russian Trip. Remember, any amount of money you spend now is way more lesser than what you would spend if you were to go to Russia all by yourself.

So leave us a comment in the comments box below, and don’t forget to share this good stuff with everyone, who knows, your mom, sister or bae might be picked.


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