Meet Smartisan Nut R1 – The World’s First Smart Phone With 1TB Of Inbuilt Storage

Now there are a lot of surprising and amazing things about this new Smartisan Nut R1 smart android phone. Now not only those it have an inbuilt storage that is as large as 1TB (1 Terabyte), but even with that so much big storage, it still gave an option for storage expansion, for up to 256GB using a Micro SD Card, a luxury you don’t find on other top high end flagship phones, making it the world’s first smart phone with the largest inbuilt storage.. So if you are not too busy, join me today as we Welcome the all new biggest, boldest, bravest, and most courageous Smartisan Nut R1..πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

The Smartisan Nut R1 - Full Specifications, Features, Price and Review

Now i know that most people reading this article right now, have not probably heard of the Smartisan smart phone before.. Yes even me, not until this morning when i came across it on the web. And when i read that it came with a 1TB (1 Terabyte) of storage, i doubted it, especially when i saw the name of the phone. Seeing that it wasn’t from any of these top high end flagship players like Samsung, Sony, and the rest, i just concluded that it was a joke.

But my doubts turned out to be false when i went to YouTube to watch reviews regarding this phone, and found out it was 100% true. The Smartisan Nut R1 actually comes equipped, set, and ready to go, with a massive 1TB (1 Terabyte) of storage.. And for those who don’t know what 1TB means, it simply means a huge 1000GBs (1000 Gigabyte) or 10,000MB (10,000 Megabyte) of storage.. Now imagine what you can do with all that storage.. And the fun doesn’t just end there. Just as stated above, the phone also gives you an additional expandable storage of up 256GB, so if for any reason you somehow managed to use up your default inbuilt storage, then just slam an sd card into that thing, and flexing continues..

And then, apart from the beefy storage that comes with this thing, it also comes with some other 2018 phones kind of specs.. such as..

1. A large 6.17 inch LCD FHD+ (Full HD+) display, clocked at a resolution of 1080 Γ— 2240 pixels.

2. The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor running inside, together with its Adreno 630 graphics processor.. So i bet this phone will be the best bet for gaming.

3. On the camera aspect of things, it ships with dual 12mp + 20mp cameras at the rear, then a whooping 24mpshooter at the front.. (i still can’t believe this)

4. Now more on the storage department.. I will like you to know that this phone actually ships in four different variants. The first is the 64GB version with 6GBs of RAM, second is much higher in storage 128GB version with same 6GBs of RAM, then there is another 128GB version also, but this time comes with an 8GB RAM inside. And lastly is the main point of attraction, the 1024GB (1TB) version, with 8GBs of RAM too… (mehn this phone rocks..)

5. Then for software side of things.. this phone comes preloaded with Android 8.0 Oreo version, then with its own skin ontop, Smartisan OS 6.0 (haven’t personally used the phone, so i don’t know how it feels, but i guess it feels good.)

6. And finally, to keep things running inside, we have a standard 3600mAh power battery inside, which of course, is non removable.

So guys, that is all that there is to it with the Smartisan Nut R1 smart phone. Tell us what you think about this phone in the comments box below, and don’t forget to share this article to let others know about the good stuff. Subscribe to our newsletter if you’ve not done so already, and see you on the next one. Bye…


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