You Are Being Hunted By The FBI And You Only Have 5mins To Wipe Everything On Your Computer Without Damaging The Physical Parts – What Will You Do In This Situation?

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So as we always do here in “Best From Quora“, we go to Quora to look for the most interesting questions asked there, when we find one, we come back here to share it with you guys to know what you think on the various topics. And that brings us to the fourth episode so far in this series. And today’s question goes like this.

Let’s say you find yourself doing one of those probably illegal maybe internet jobs that the FBI might be interested in. Now the FBI is on your tail, and you only have 5 minutes to wipe everything from your computer, but without damaging any of the physical parts of the said system.. what will be the best action to take in this kind of very hot situation?

how to wipe data from a pc

So as usual, let us know what you think is the best thing to do in a situation like this, please leave your answers in the comments box below. But before you go, here are some interesting answers we’ve also gathered from numerous readers on Quora.

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Lets assume you are prepared in advance because if you are not, there is no way you could erase/wipe everything in 5 minutes without physicaly destroying the hardware.

So you have your discs encrypted – you are using BitLocker, FileVault, whatever. In 5 minutes you destroy your keys and repeatedly overwrite with random data most important data on your discs and finally unplug everything from power.

BUT, FBI could already have your key – without yout knowledge they could install you a trojan/keylogger, take video surveillance,… Digital Forencics has also evolved and could read data from your discs on physical level, even if they were overwritten.

Without destroying hardware my choice would be using some obscure/outdated hardware and OS – Apple II, Commodore 64,… and using best possible encryption on that hardware. But this hardware is probably useless by todays standards.

On the other hand – sledgehammer would “wipe” all data in 5 seconds 🙂

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I would use the Windows 95 or Windows 98 delete button and send it to the garbage file / recycle bin.

The FBI could never ever retrieve anything from a Windows 95 garbage can.

It;s impenetrable and super secure.

They would have to spend YEARS trying to access that program. Maybe never even get past the intense password entry.

The entire force would have to be called upon and spend countless man hours just trying to get past the password phase – and if by some freak chance in hell that they ever do…how will they ever pull a file from the recycle bin????


Windows 95…secure, stable and super awesome…almost as good as Windows 3.1. = but not as well user friendly.

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