Survival Instinct 101 – How To Survive With Your Smart Phone When Trapped In A Sealed Environment

Okay guys, this one has a pretty long title, but all the same, welcome back guys to “Best From Quora”, and i’m very happy to tell you that this is second post yet in this section, and so far so good, it has been all good all the way.

So today’s topic(question) is pretty techy and logical at the same time. It has to do with how fast you can think and act to your survival, in any case you find yourself in maybe, any one of the numerous life threatening situations.

So today’s question goes like this; What will you do, when you find out you’re trapped in a sealed environment, say a vacuum or whatever, with just enough air to last you for about a single day that is 24hrs, but luckily for you, you have your phone with you, now in this case, it doesn’t necessarily has to be a smart phone, it can be any kind of phone, but one more problem is that, the phone in question here, is at just 1% of battery before it drops dead. What do you think will be the fastest and smartest move to make, before you phone’s battery runs out, and as well before your 1day air support runs dry too..? 😒

Survival Instincts 101 - How To Survive With Your Smart Phone When Trapped In A Sealed Environment

Tricky isn’t it? but before you start answering, here are the top most hilarious and maybe useful answer we found on Quora.

ANSWER WIKI – Consensus is;
1. If you have a dumb phone, 1% battery should be enough to call the police and explain the situation. (sorry, which one is dumb phone again?)
2. If you have a Nokia 3310 phone, use it as a hammer..(speaking of the devil, by the way, who still remembers or owns this phone?)
3. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, drop it and blow it up.
4. If you have a smart phone, the most efficient way would be to create a broadcast to all your contacts, share your location, and hope your battery will last long enough to send the messages.
5. If you don’t have WhatsApp, you may try to share your location on Facebook.


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6. Find a loophole in the problem (for programmers and hackers)
7. Accept your death… 🤣
8. Fart.. and
9. Masturbate.

And someone here, with the name “Jackson Liu“, seems to have so much confidence and trust for his phone. This is what he said..

“Well, my phone is a Huawei Mate 9, it has a battery that lasts 2 days. As you may already know from personal experience, when the battery says 1%, it is actually much more than a physical 1% of battery, in order for the protect the batter because truly draining it is bad for the battery. Next, I would turn on Ultra Power Saving mode. It makes your phone slower, only lets you open 1 app at a time, lowers the screen resolution and brightness and in essence, making your phone a “dumb phone”. So, I could get around 20 minutes of battery like this.”

So those are the best answers we could lay our hands on from quora. Now over to you guys, tell us what you would have done if you find yourself in such situation. Are you gonna be like that guy up there? or are you gonna be smarter than that. Please make use of the comments box below, and first 5 persons to comment with an answer, will be rewarded with free airtime recharge cards.

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