Stock Android vs Custom UI – 4 Reasons Why Stock Is Better

So i recently heard some group of persons arguing over stock android ui, and custom ui, which one of them is the better option.. So after listening to them, i went back to my closet, made some Indepth research on the topic, and today, i want to share the interesting answers i got, so that the whole world could see, read, and learn.

stock android ui vs custom ui

And for those who don’t know by now the meaning, or difference between a stock android ui, and a custom ui, well in simple terms, a stock android ui, is an unmodified or non-customized version of android OS, that is installed on a device the same way it was created by Google. While a custom ui is a customized and modified version of android, and these customization were done by the device manufacturer.

stock android ui vs custom ui
Google Pixel Stock Android UI (Left) – Samsung Galaxy S7 Custom UI (Right)

Because android is an open source license software, which means that it is free for everyone and anyone to use, any smart phone company can easily go there, pick up the codes, modify it to their taste by adding a custom skin on it, install it on their devices, and business booms. cool right? And some popular examples of custom ui that you are most likely to find on phones are; Touchwiz, found on all Samsung devices, the Huawei EMUI, HTC Sense UI, Xiaomi MIUI, OnePlus OxygenOS, etc.

stock android ui vs custom ui
Huawei EMUI

So examples of devices where you are likely to find the stock android ui are mostly on the Pixel phones, like the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL, then also on older Nexus devices, because all these devices are produced, and owned by Google. Then you can as well find stock android ui on any other devices who wishes to use it, instead of a custom ui, like all recently released Nokia android phones (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) all run on stock android ui, the Essential phone, and the rest.

stock android ui vs custom ui

So right now, we can’t say which one is better than the other, it all depends on personal preference. Most people prefer stock android mostly because of the non-customized clean and simple to navigate interface you’d get, while most people prefer a custom ui, mostly because of the many added extra features and tweaks you’d get from the device manufacturer. Personally i love the new Samsung Experience UI.

stock android ui vs custom ui

So haven said all that, let us take a closer look at stock android ui, and see some of its advantages over a customized version of android. So here are the list of things you’d get, if you should get a phone running on stock android ui.

1. A Clean, Simple, And Easy To Use Interface

stock android ui vs custom ui

So like i mentioned before, the stock android ui is simply easy to use. Google has tried over the years to make things as easy, and as basic as possible. And with the introduction of Material Design on android Lollipop, it seems like they have finally achieved that dream.

2. As Well As A Very Fast User Navigation

Because there are no further customizations added on top of it, which might slow things down a bit, the stock android ui is really really fast, especially when you device is running on top hardware components, like the Google Pixel phones.

3. You Get Faster Software Updates

When a new version of android is released, the first set of people or smart phones to see and enjoy it, are those running on stock android. while those using smart phones with customised ui, will have to wait a little longer till when their device manufacturers pushes it out to them, due to the further modifications which the software passes through.

3. With Stock Android UI, There Are No Bloatware Apps

Android OEMs like to include their own apps into their various custom ui, some of which might be useful, and most of which, might be very useless, and takes up a lot of space. For example most OEMs likes to include their own duplicate of all google apps into their smart phones, which means that you’ll be having two or three web browsers, two emailing platforms, two calendars, calculators, contacts app, every thing comes in two, and which cannot be uninstalled, except you root your device.

But with stock android, you are only given the essential apps that are required for the optimal performance of the device.

4. It Requires Less Storage

Since there are no unnecessary bloatware apps to take up a large portion of your device’s storage, you are left with a larger portion of free storage for your media files, apks, documents, and all. And also note that custom ui also comes in huge sizes because of the many customizations that comes with them.

So after all said and done, those are the four main advantages you’d get for using stock android ui. But it is worth noting that most custom ui also comes with many great features, many of which you might never see on a stock android ui and all.

So let us know which one you prefer. Is it the naturally looking stock ui, or the more artificial looking custom ui. Let us know what you think in the comments box below. Keep on sharing the good news, and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.


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