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5 Biggest Myths About Working At Google


Biggest Myths About Google - Why Google Is The Best Place To Work

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Just from my experience at the place, and for the growing number of people asking me this very question. Here goes, myths:

1. They Pay You Crazy Amounts – Most of what Google owes you for your work is given in the form of benefits and perks around office -that pool table, the massage lounge upstairs, the PS2 in the games room and over the top celebrations. The remaining salary that comes into the bank account is pittance. But then again, I did not need to open my wallet all week. Can save most of what you receive

2. Everyone At Google Is Working On Amazing Products That Will Be The Next-Big-Thing – No. Many are working on jobs that are just as menial or boring as any other firm making money. I spent full days staring at excel worksheets to make enough money so some engineers could experiment on cutting edge software/ideas. But yes, I do get the space to innovate (sans bureaucracy) as long as the goal is to make money.

3. Google Managers Are The Coolest – I know it is all relative, but some of my managers were the opposite of super mega awesome. A lot of the work in my department depended on who the manager was. So it can either be shitty or amazing, depending on your luck. Middle management might not always turn out to be like the “Google Manager” everyone hopes for. That said, I had a manager who I challenged on Foosball games and it’s relatively easy to move teams internally in the hopes of getting a better manager (I moved 3 times in 3 years).

4. Everyone Loves Everyone – Again relative, it’s a better atmosphere than most firms but, it is a competitive world. Your ratings depends on the girl or guy next to you.

5. Moving Up Is Easy Nope. Connected to the previous point, most Googlers are super smart. If you are not as smart as they are, you will have to work doubly hard not to get an embarrassing rating. If you are very smart, you will still have to work hard to get a decent rating.

I loved the company, and yes, Google is trying too hard on G+, and engineers leaving because of the “social” pressure on all products is, to an extent, true. But it was a ball. I learnt a lot, made an impact, got recognition, had post-college fun, have an amazing brand on my resume, made friends for life and met the love of my life.

Would not trade my years there for anything.”

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