How To See Open WiFi Network(s) Locations, Using Google’s Datally Mobile App

I’ve been using the Google’s Datally mobile application for a while now, and to me, i will just say, this is one of the many apps that google is using to making lives better since 1998.

So today, we are just gonna be taking a quick look at one of the very good features, that comes preloaded with this awesome app, but which i feel, many people simply takes it for granted.

How To See Open WiFi Network(s) In 2mins

So today, we’re gonna be seeing how to see the locations of open wifi networks near you in real time, by making use of the Google Datally app.

So first of all, you’ll want to make sure that you have the app installed in your mobile device, or your smartphone. If you’ve not done that, you can do it now from the google play store here..

Download Google's Datally From Google Play Store

After downloading and installing the app, open it up for the first time, grant the required permissions request, and you are ready and all set to go.

And for those who don’t know what the Google’s Datally mobile app is all about, you can follow the link below, to see everything that you need to know about the said app.

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On the home screen of the app, select “Find Wi-Fi“, and voila, all Wi-Fi networks near you, or that are as far as 3.5km from you, both Open and Secured, are quickly listed out for you, in order of their distances, with the nearest one first.

A List Of Open WiFi Network(s) Locations Listed Out In The Google's Datally Android App

Tapping on any one of them, will show you its exact location on Google Maps to help you find your way to its place, which means you can simply navigate your way through, if you couldn’t figure it out.

Open WiFi Network(s) Shown On Google Maps

Still on the google maps something, you can as well use Google Street View to see a photo of the place in real life. Cool right?

Open WiFi Network(s) Real Life Location Shown Using Google Street View

So for those who care, if you feel you have a lot of unused WiFi networks in your area, that nobody cares about, or that needed to be used, probably the Open ones, but can’t figure out their exact locations.

Well not to worry, just let Google’s Datally do the whole finding for you, while you do the browsing yourself.. #Cheers.

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