Android 8.1 Oreo Update + XOS 3.2 Hummingbird Now Available For Infinix Note 4 X572 Users Worldwide

Okay guys, the wait is finally over, and infinix has officially released the android 8.1 Oreo update to all its infinix Note 4 users worldwide, and guess what guys, it also brings along with it the latest version of XOS Hummingbird, the XOS 3.2 Hummingbird. Who is happy. See screenshots below.

Infinix Note 4 X572 XOS 3.2 Hummingbird


Infinix Note 4 X572 Android 8.1 Oreo

There you have it guys, the update is currently being rolled out to all infinix Note 4 X572 users around the world, via OTA, but there’s no guarantee this update will hit everybody at the same time. So if you’ve not received yours, there’s no cause for alarm, just exercise a little patience, and it will get to you.

Infinix Note 4 Android 8.1 Oreo Download Size

The update file itself is 1.8GB in size, so make sure you are on a wireless network, and you have enough storage space left in your phone before starting the update, to avoid complicating issues.

And for those of us who are wondering if your device wouldn’t be getting its own Oreo update.. well i will just have to tell you to exercise a little patience, as update plans are being made for them too. You can read more about infinix devices that will be getting Android Oreo + XOS Hummingbird update this year here..

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So that is it guys, enjoy the Oreo Version of android on your infinix Note 4 devices, and as well tell us your experience if you’ve already updated your device, and is using the Oreo version. And as well don’t forget to share this article if you like it. Bye.


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  1. Depuis la mise à jour XOS 3.2, je n'arrive plus à utiliser le partage de données mobiles ni de faire des screenrecords. Qui peut m'aider svp?

  2. Vous voyez que je ne conseille pas vraiment aux gens d'opter pour cette mise à niveau pour le moment, car il y a beaucoup de bugs, et celui que vous venez de mentionner en est un. Mais nous espérons que toutes ces choses seront corrigées avec une mise à jour du système, alors soyez patient, ou revenez simplement au nougat android.

  3. Depuis la mise à jour XOS 3.2, je n'arrive plus à utiliser le wifi

  4. after updating it doesn't connect to What might be the problem

  5. I lost my capability of using my xhide specifically on the side of communication, what the hell is this Jaman

  6. I have updated mine to Oreo and the hummingbird but my problem is that I am unable to take screenshots using a scroll of three fingers like in the previous version. Also, I cannot set my camera into full screen mode like in the previous version. Those two issues are a concern to me now. Tell me how I can sort that out.

  7. My ultra power saving mode is gone

  8. Bonjour
    Comment faire pour revenir au xos chameleon
    Parce qu'il y a pas la langue italienne sur le nouveau

  9. J'ai juste l'impression que ça n'a pas été testé ou que l'on n'a pas tenu compte de la manière dont les utilisateurs utilisent leurs portables. Moi je n'arrive plus à:

    1-mettre mon appareil photo sur plein écran.

    2-mettre mon portable en mode ultra économie d'énergie.

    3-faire screen shot avec les 3 doigts.

    4-utiliser Les images de l'écran de verrouillage (enregistrer par exemple pour d'autres fin)

    5-impossibes de faire défiler les images de l'écran de verrouillage.

    6-les pop up de notifications de messages sont tellement transparents qu'il est difficile de lire l'information affichée.

    7-Pour les appels, le pop up se place au bas de l'écran afin que vous puissiez sélectionnez.

    8-on n'est maintenant obligé de lire toute nos musiques et videos avec les aplis de Google, vue que celles avec lesquelles le portable est venu ont été supprimées (les applis de Google étaient présentes dans le caméléon xos)

    Les avantages notés:

    1-soins oculaires

    2-possibilité maintenant d'activer le mode économie d'énergie (ce que je n'arrivais pas à faire quoique le voulant)

    3-le design de l'application de lecture des SMS est plus beau selon mes goûts.

  10. Alot of users are also complaining of this same issue, but a stable version have been released for the Note 4,so try reupdating your phone and i'm sure that should solve the problem.

  11. Bonjour, je pense que ce sera mieux si vous revenez à votre ancienne version Android, et attendez qu'il y ait une version de mise à jour stable.

  12. How do u reset after the 9 locks

  13. Hello bro, sorry i couldn't really get your question. Do you mean how to factory reset your phone after you must have entered the wrong password multiple times? Well in order to do that, all you have to do is switch off your phone, then hold the volume up and power buttons at the same time, it will bring up an unsual screen, just follow the prompts on the screen by using the volume up and volume down buttons to navigate either up or down respectively. In no time, you should be able to reset your phone. But you should take note that, while reseting your phone, all data and files stored in the phone will be lost and there is no remedy for this except if they were stored in a Micro-SD card…

    Thanks for stopping by and i hope i was able to solve your problem sir/ma.

  14. Why can I hide my apps on xhide. .Am using smart 2 infinix

  15. Hello bro, we already covered this topic in a seperate article, so in that case, i will like you to follow a link i will be pasting below, it covers every single thing that we think you need to know about the Infinix Xhide. It talks about what it is what it does, how to set it up, some little problems you might encounter with it, and as well how to fix them.. So read it up and tell us in the comments section there, about what you think.. And here's the link below..

  16. just copy the link and paste it in your internet browser's address bar.

  17. Xhide without the option for hiding the apps, only videos, photos hidden. Totally disturbed after the upgrade…..

  18. What is the problem? I can't unlock my phone after pressing the power button when the screen turns off

  19. Is there any update for infinix zero 5? This is so problematic and frustrating at the same time, i mean i waited very long for an update and reported some of the issue but there's no one responding and none of them fixxing the Damm promblem!!!

  20. Hello Unknown..there is no update yet.. but an update might be on its way very soon… so just hold on a lil bit more.. don't lose hope just yet.. now's not the best time to lose your precious patience..who knows, you might need it some other time.

  21. After installing the update, my phone charges really really slow. I don't know what to do!

  22. I updated to Hummingbird,but my fone trips off every 7:34pm..and I've checked the scheduled power,its off…what could have happened,I hope this phone doesn't crash

  23. The camera part is a big turn off to me.. I'm so pissed I want to sell off the phone

  24. After updating my font style can't be seen again

  25. It is a general issue bro. chill..

    Even Infinix made it known on their Facebook page that they're gonna be tinkering with the font faces on some if their smart phones.. so let your mind be at rest.. nothing is wrong with your phone..

    And by the way, who still uses fonts on smart phones nowadays..personally i prefer everything to appear normal and the way it should be.. Your preference though.

  26. Bien dit et c'est vraiment dommage. Je ne vois pas l'importance de cette mise à jour.

  27. After the update, I notice I couldn't change fonts on my phone anymore.. Is there a way around this?? How can I get that feature back??

  28. Why haven't I received the oreo update on my phone?

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