Top 8 Google Assistant Valentine’s Day Inspired Questions (Hey Google, Will You Be My Val?)

It is Valentine’s day today again guys, and google was so thoughtful to give us a little something to keep ourselves company, by using the google assistant provided in your smart phones.

Using Google Assistant on Valentine's Day

So in whatever way you wish to spend your valentine, here are some questions you can ask the Google assistant, to get some hilarious responses that will sure put a smile on your faces.

Hey Google, will you be my valentine?
Hey Google, serenade me..
Hey Google, i’m single..
Hey Google, i hate valentine..
Hey Google, tell me a love story

Hey Google, will you be my valentine?


Hey Google, will you serenade me?

You can even take it a notch up by asking questions like..
Hey Google, who do you love?
Hey Google, do you have a crush? or Hey Google, do you have a boyfriend?..

Hey Google, Who do you love?

When i tried asking questions like “Hey Google, who is your first crush”, this was the reply i got.

Hey Google, who was your first crush?

So for those feeling lonely on this Valentine’s day, well if you’re like me, then i think the google virtual assistant, is your best bet..

But in the meantime, tell us what responses you got from your own virtual assistant in your smart phone, whether Google Assistant, or Siri, or Cortana. Just go ahead, ask some questions, and come back here, to tell us your responses.

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  1. Its a good thing though for those who use the Google assistant most often…i'm not really a big fan of the assistant saga

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