Facebook Introduces Face Recognition To Help Augment Security

Facebook in a bid to help its users feel more secured, especially this Xmas season, has announced a facial or face recognition feature, that identifies your face, whenever you appear in a photo you weren’t aware of.

Facebook Face Recognition


How Does This Work

According to TechCrunch, Facebook wants to make sure you know about and control the photos of you, people upload, even if they don’t tag you. So today, Facebook launched a new facial recognition feature called Photo Review that will alert you when your face shows up in newly posted photos so you can tag yourself, leave it be, ask the uploader to take the photo down, or report it to Facebook.

What this means is this;

  1. when Facebook automatically recognises your face in a newly posted photo by someone else, using the photo review,
  2. it alerts you, in which there are three precautionary moves you can make.
  • You can decide to tag yourself in the photo
  • You can ask the poster to take down the photo
  • Or you can just keep mute and let the sleeping dogs lie.

To me i think this is a very smart and intelligent move from Facebook, looking at the rate at which Cyber Crime is growing, where people now use other persons photos to drive money from the pockets of unsuspecting victims..

The feature is currently being rolled out to everyone around the globe, except for some locations like Canada and Europe where the feature is currently not being supported.

Let us know in the comments section, what do you think of this newly introduced feature from Facebook. Is it a smart one, or just mehh..

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