Infinix Android 8.1 Oreo + XOS 3 Hummingbird update

List Of Infinix Phones That Might Stand Higher Chances of Getting The New XOS 3 Hummingbird + Android 8.1 Oreo Update In 2018

• Do you care to know about all Infinix smart phones that are eligible to get the latest Android 8.1 Oreo + XOS 3 Hummingbird update maybe sooner or later? Well say no more, cause you’re at the right place and just in time.. #Enjoy

Infinix XOS 3.0 Hummingbird

Okay so with the launch of the Infinix latest Zero 5 a couple of weeks back, Infinix thought it nice to seize that opportunity to introduce its Xfans to its new and latest version of Infinix XOS UI, the XOS 3.0 Hummingbird, making the said Infinix Zero 5 to be only Infinix smart phone at this time that is rocking this new UI yet.

But as it is with all things Infinix, it is tradition for them to push some of its new features to some older eligible Infinix smart phones so that the love can spread evenly right?

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So in that note, today we’re gonna be listing out some of the few Infinix smart phones which we think has a higher probability of getting this latest Infinix XOS 3.0 Hummingbird update, including some of the few Infinix smart phones which will as well be getting updated to the latest Android 8.1 Oreo version sooner or later..

So without further ado, here is the list you all have been waiting for.

List Of Infinix Phones That Will Be Getting Android 8.1 Oreo Update + XOS 3 Hummingbird In 2018

  1. Infinix Zero 4
  2. Infinix Zero 4 Plus
  3. Infinix Note 4
  4. Infinix Note 4 Pro
  5. Infinix Hot S2
  6. Infinix Hot 5, 5lite, 5plus

Alright guys, so these are just the few phones that we can vouch for right now, we’re sorry if your device is not listed, but we’ll make sure to keep updating this article on regular occasions as more drama unfolds, so please subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates sent directly to your email for free.

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  1. Will infinix note 2 also be included? Need response please

  2. I can't really tell for the Note 2,cause it didn't get Android 7.0 Nougat update when it was rolled out for Infinix devices, so i don't really think they will be getting the Oreo update as well.

    But am pretty sure of the ones listed above.

  3. Nwanne, did you say your instinct???

  4. Lol.yea my instincts. cause we've not heard anything from Infinix yet.

  5. Will infinix smart x5010 get an update

  6. There is a very slim chance of that phone getting the update… but lets just keep our fingers crossed, while we wait.

  7. How about infinix hot 4 pro is it gonna have the update ?

  8. Yea… there's every possibility it is going to get it

  9. When are we getting this update?

  10. No specific date was given, but am pretty sure we are not far from it

  11. i dont think Zero4 and Zero Plus will getting Oreo Update since their stock os out of the box is Marshmallow.. but for zero 5 sure will get that update..

  12. for Xos3 Hummingbird update… i dont think older models will get that update since Xos3 release with AndroidOreo….

  13. DiD you know that XOX 3.2 coupled with Android Oreo is already being pushed to Note 4 devices?

  14. When will get oreo update to note 4

  15. will i get that update for my hot 4 or not im currently on xos 2.2 on nougat update.

  16. This update also for note 3 or pro ?? Tell

  17. Hello Go Green, it depends on your location, but Oreo Beta update is already made available to Note 4 users in India. But will be made available to everyone when the final update is ready.. so just exercise a little patience bro

  18. Nope bro, the Hot 4 wouldn't be getting the update, except you can download it through custom roms

  19. There is a very slim chance the Note 3 might be getting it… But if it isn't sent officially through as an OTA, then it will be available as a custom rom… so its a win win. nobody loses

  20. infinix note 4 struck while updating to oreo displaying "xos hummingbird"on the screen .what to do?

  21. i started updating my device in the morning by 8am and it is still updating at 3 pm

  22. XOS Hummingbird working just perfect on Note 4….

  23. That's happened probably because your phone was rooted before you tried updating.. All you have to do right now, is to download the Android 7.0 Nougat scatter file, install it using SP Flash Tool, then try updating again. Hope I was able to help you

  24. Hello what is the name and model of your device?

  25. plz update all infinix mobile

  26. I just got my own update. It's cool though but you can no longer hide apps nor put the xhide in hide mode and the music player is gone

  27. I updated mine but the "screen record" feature got lost =( i'm using infinix note 4

  28. I am updating my XOS Chameleon to XOS Humming bird but it got stuck from yesterday Saturday 10th 4pm and uptill now sunday 11 7am its not done yet. The only thing on the screen I can see now is XOS Hummingbird.
    Is it a problem or I should still be waiting?

  29. Just relax bro… The update is still a beta version. Everything will be put into place when the final and stable update is sent

  30. Yes it is normal because the updates is just a Beta version. When the final stable update is sent, i assure you everything will be working fine just as usual

  31. It shouldn't take that long to update, that happened probably maybe because your phone was rooted before you tried updating it. All you have to do right now is update it back to the formal Android 7.0 version that it was before, using SP Flash Tool, then try updating it once more to the 8.0 Oreo version. It will work just fine and smoothly.

  32. Facing similar issues, plz guide me how to turn or my mobile

  33. Hello Navin, what is the actual problem with your device. If it is that your device got stuck while updating, i will advice everyone of you having same issues to upgrade back to the older default version that came with your device, then just patiently wait for the stable oreo version. Thanks all.

  34. Please how can I update it back to the formal Android 70 version. I can't even turn the phone off to stop the updating

  35. Hello bro. You will have the Android 7.0 Nougat ROM for your device. Make sure you download the one for your device, then install it using SP Flash tool on your pc

  36. I have noticed the new update has slowed down the phone a bit…regardless of how nice it looks, apps are taking time before they could respond…what would be the problem there

  37. Hello Bro.. It is completely normal for you to experience some irregular lags here and there, as well as apps taking longer than usual to open. All those are happening because the Oreo update is still in its Beta version. The guys at infinix Mobility makes use of complaints like this to know where and how to make corrections prior to the final update. So everything will be put in place when the final update is finally released. Hope i was able to clear your doubts

  38. That was assuring…. Thanks

  39. That was assuring…. Thanks

  40. Hi, I am not able to locate Freezer in my Infinix note 4 XOS Hummingbird. Please help.

  41. Hello Godwin bro i am using Infinix Hot 5 running Xos 2.3 will i get Oreo update in future or not !

  42. Yea… surely the infinix hot 5 lineups will get Oreo Update. But not anytime from now. Because they will first of all finish updating the top end devices first, like the Hot S2, the Zero 5 and the Note 4 lineups, before updating the Hot 5 devices. So you will surely get the Oreo update, but you just have to wait a little bit longer..

    Was i able to answer your question?

  43. Bonsoir j'ai infinix note 4 et jusque actu j'ai pas encore la mise a jour 8.0 de ma ROM . comment faire ?

  44. Bonjour Bro, tous les appareils Infinix Note 4 ont déjà reçu la mise à jour android oreo .. Donc, ce que vous devriez faire maintenant est d'aller aux paramètres de votre téléphone, allez à "sur le téléphone", descendez jusqu'à ce que vous voyez la mise à jour du système. sur ce pour actualiser la base de données et vous donner votre fichier de mise à jour oreo .. ou vous pouvez aussi bien suivre ce lien pour voir un bon guide étape par étape sur la façon de mettre à jour votre infinix Note 4..

    http: // /2018/03/how-to-update-infinix-note-4-x572-to-android-8.1-oreo.html

  45. Hi how do i restore the default version of my Note 4? I seem to to like the hummingbird version. How do i even make calls? I cant see the phone icon

  46. After updating from chameleon to Hummingbird its now not connecting to…It only indicates the the is "SAVED". What might be the problem

  47. I am having the same experience here.There is "Anonymous identity" which i guess is preventing the connection to WiFi. Please, resolve this problem on time. Thanks

  48. Hello Okumu, there is now a stable version of Android Oreo and XOS Hummingbird available for all Infinix Note 4 devices and it is sent through OTA (Over The Air), so try updating your system update menu from your phone's settings page. and you be good to go.

  49. Hello Meshack and Akintayo, sorry for the issues you are having, but there's now a stable Oreo + Hummingbird new software update being rolled out to all Infinix Note 4 smart phones. So try reupdating your phones again and hopefully that will solve the problem.

  50. Hello so this means we're getting off chameleon to hummingbird? I have an infinix note 4pro

  51. Yes definitely, the Note 4 Pro will get Android Oreo + XOS Hummingbird update. The standard Note 4 already got it, so there's no doubt, the Pro will be getting theirs sooner or later.

  52. Forma infinx note 3 pro? Si sono the update?

  53. For infinix note 3 pro? is soon the update?

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