How To Force Android Nougat Split Screen To Work For Non Supported Apps

As it stands now, the split screen feature which debuted with the release of Android 7.0 nougat, is still in its infant stage, as it doesn’t work with every app installed in your device for now. So lets just hope that a time will come, when we can comfortably run Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8 side by side, on a single device, without a hassle or lag.

How To Quickly Setup Android Nougat Split Screen To Work With All Apps In 2mins


First of all, your device should be running anything from android Nougat upwards. if you’re using a Marshmallow device, please close this page now.

Android Nougat Split Screen 02


So after buying our android Nougat device, the next thing we’ll do is go your device settings menu, go all the way down until you see “Developer Options.

Android Nougat Split Screen 03

NOTE: If you don’t see the developer options in your device, all you have to do is go to your device settings, go all the way down to “About Device“, click on it, and go all the way down to “Build Number“, tap on it 5-7 times, and the developer options will be added to your device Settings menu.

Android Nougat Split Screen 04


Switch the toggle button at the “Top-Right-Hand” corner of your screen to turn on The Developer Options.

Android Nougat Split Screen 05


Go all the way down, until you see an option labeled “force all activities to be re-sizable“. switch the toggle to turn it on.

Android Nougat Split Screen 06


pheew…… ( wait lemme clean sweat from my face), ok right now, all we have to do is restart our smartphones and we are done.


Now that our device is booted up, its time to take it for a spin. All you have to do is try opening two apps side by side, that you know doesn’t work with the split screen feature.

On my device, i tested it using my UC Browser app, and NRG Music Player, and they worked flawlessly without a single lag.

Android Nougat Split Screen

Now over to you ladies and gents, you should test it out and come back here to tell us which apps worked for you, and which ones didn’t. If you are still confused on how to set it up, please drop a message for us, by using the comments box below. if you have any suggestions to make concerning this topic, you’re also welcome…

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